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This Week’s Question

What’s Your Book Betrayal Story? (Someone borrowed a book and destroyed it? Waited for a book for forever and it was terrible?)

Kat Mandu’s answer is…


My betrayal? Comes in two forms. First off, my own AUNT borrowed all of my Nikki Heat books once and absolutely destroyed them. The pages weren’t dog-eared but she’d turned it completely backwards to read it, making the spine all fuzzy and straining the covers. Plus, she’d taken one on vacation with her and accidentally dropped it in a puddle of water 😦 I still have all the bad copies because I haven’t been able to get new ones yet. But I despise looking at them….

SERIOUSLY. Don’t borrow my books ever again! I love you, but no.

And second, when authors kill off your favorite characters. I mean, I’m an author and I do it too (and enjoy it) but when the girl or guy you’re REALLY rooting for and hardcore crush on just DIES? I become a train wreck of crazy emotions. Do I understand it? Maybe in the sense that authors really enjoy messing with their readers. Sometimes deaths have a purpose. Otherwise it’s just a sadistic plot to drive all the fans crazy. But do I like it? Of course not.

Well, maybe a little? Isn’t that why we read though?

Ruby Lee’s betrayal is…

Ruby_Lee 100The end of the book Hannibal by Thomas Harris. I don’t think I have gotten over the disappointment and outrage at the end of this amazing trilogy.  I honestly thought that the writer may have died and someone else just added a random end to the story so they could publish it. The end was so disjointed and out of sync that I still don’t have words to accurately describe how I felt.

Invested Ivana’s answer is…


Oh, man.  Here’s a very personal story.  Do you remember the series of Time Life books put out in the 80s?  There was one series called The Enchanted World that I REALLY wanted.  I was somewhere between 9 and 13 at the time, I suppose.  I saw it advertised on TV all the time and I REALLY wanted it.

Well, we didn’t have much money, so I didn’t expect I’d ever get it.  But one day my mom told me to go ahead and order it.  I was SOOOO excited!

When the first book finally came and she had to start paying for it and all the ones after, she told me I had to send it back.  We couldn’t afford it.  I was so crushed and angry.

I expect my mom *wanted* to be able to get it for me, and since you didn’t have to pay until the first one arrived, it seemed easy enough to say yes at the time.  She was trying to make me happy. But in reality, she couldn’t pay for it, and just ended up being a disappointing betrayal.


Nervous Nellie’s betrayal is…

My first book betrayal has to be when I read the trilogy Niki Slobodian series.  I dedicated a couple of weeks to reading this series and it ended less than satisfactorily.  The story was awesome, but the ending sucked.  Yes, I said that.  The ending was a betrayal that I’m having a hard time forgetting.  Actually, I credit that series as the reason I’m so nervous about book endings.

My second book betrayal was when Demon Lord Rhyzkahl in Diana Rowland’s Kara Gillian series totally forsakes his summoner.  I hate him forever for what he did, but the author was brilliant because she succeeded in getting such a response from me.

Vagabond_Vahn_100Vagabond Vahn’s answer is…

My book betrayal may be a tad different. I’ve never eagerly anticipated a novel release only to hate it, nor have I had a book borrowing disaster.

My betrayals tend to be books I remember fondly, that I try and return to… only to find the experience distasteful and feel let down.

A good example? Lord of the Rings. I read it when I was young. I remember loving it. I tried to re-read it about 2 years ago. Hated it. With a capital ‘H’. I’m not entirely even sure why, other than the fact that I apparently no longer enjoy the writing style employed by Tolkien.

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson is another great example. My memories of that novel are incredibly fond when I think back to my first reading it, well over a decade ago. I tried to read it a couple years back, and couldn’t make it more than 30 pages or so.

It’s an interesting observation – every time I choose to re-read a novel I remember fondly, I run the risk of being let down and wondering what made it so great the first time around. Other novels hold up well – I recently re-read the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson and enjoyed it just as much the second time around. The same is true of the Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks.

Luna Lovebooks has a book betrayal that will break all book lovers hearts...

Luna_Lovebooks_100I had a friend, let’s call her Sally, that wanted to borrow one of my hard back books – Percy Jackson. I’m very particular about my hardback books so I was leery about lending it out. But Sally was convincing so I let her borrow it. Several weeks went by. Sally wasn’t the fastest reader but Percy should have been done by then. So I inquired as to how the reading was going. She looked at me sheepishly and said it was in her car. I asked her to get it. When she handed it to me the pages all fell out. Apparently she hadn’t even read it. She left it in her car the entire time. Between being tossed around in the back seat and the heat the pages seprated from the glue in the spine! Pages were missing and torn and folded. I almost cried!

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  1. I feel Kat and Vahn’s answers in particular! I don’t mind author’s killing off characters as part of the story, but sometimes it just feels done for shock value, which I hate. And Lord of the Rings…I think I got about a third of the way through a sparkly new set of the trilogy before I put the whole thing on the shelf, never to be touched again!

    New follower, happy F&F Friday!

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  2. Oh my! These are devastating and definitely betraying stories! And OMG Luna! That’s dreadful! It’s hearing stories like that that make me leery about loaning out books. I really don’t do it anymore. I think I’ve gotten everyone scared to ask, which I feel is a good thing! Lol!

    Here’s my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

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