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Welcome to One Book Two. I love free books, so I go on a hunt to find them every week and then share my finds with you.  It’s kinda like Indiana Jones searching for artifacts…without snakes.  BUT BEFORE I show you my finds, I will subject you to a little thing called My Opinion.

Nervous_Nellie_100Today’s subject is: What book could I buy at Amazon in 1816?

Well… none. But IF I could, it appears that 1816 was a time to air your romantic dirty laundry.  Yep.  Scandalous dirty laundry.

Lord Byron’s poems “A Sketch from Private Life” and “Fare Thee Well“, concerning his separation from his wife Anne Isabella, are published without authority in The Champion.

I read “A Sketch from Private Life,” and didn’t really understand it, but I did understand the further Google searches telling me about how poorly he treated his wife and about his affairs. She really should have held off accepting his second marriage proposal.

Lady Caroline Lamb’s novel, Glenarvon, is published in London, a roman à clef containing an unflattering portrait of her ex-lover, Lord Byron, in the rakish title character of Lord Ruthven.

lord-byronI am by no way a historian, but I have a very vivid imagination.  I Googled a picture of Lord Byron and he’s not too hard to look at. You can guess that my imagination, fueled with a zillion Harlequin romances, ran with the scenario. He looks like a spoiled little rich kid who gets whatever he wants and indulges in anything he wants.

So…here’s what I found out, and it’ s close to what I imagined. Lord Byron was leaving his wife after he used and abused her, his ex lover was writing nastiness of him in another novel, and he was involved incestuously with his step-sister.  Eww (I hadn’t guessed that part.) In today’s romance, he would be cast as an evil villain because of his exploits.  Seriously, the crap he is historically known for is more for the XXX porn shop than in 1816 society. After the scandals hit the 1816 version of The Enquirer, he decided to take a trip to spend some time with his buds.  Well, it so happens that…

In July, Lord Byron, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, Percy Bysshe Shelley and John Polidori, gather at the Villa Diodati by Lake Geneva in a rainy Switzerland in this ‘Year Without a Summer’, tell each other tales. This gives rise to two classic Gothic narratives, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Polidori’s The Vampyre (based on Byron’s “Fragment of a Novel“). Byron also writes the poem “Darkness.” In late August, Shelley and Godwin return to England, taking with them some of Byron’s manuscripts for his publisher.

So, in my imagination, they all sat around the card table, whiskey at hand, and stories getting more elaborate and more elaborate the more alcohol consumed. In reality, it was around a fireplace and they were telling ghost stories.  With the liquor flowing, and the tales telling, I imagine it was one hell of a party.

Now on to the part you really came here for:


imageTitle: Brainrush
Author: Richard Bard

DescriptionBefore he slid into the MRI machine, Jake Bronson was just an ordinary guy with terminal cancer. But when an earthquake hits during the procedure, Jake staggers from the wreckage a profoundly changed man, now endowed with uncanny mental abilities.

An ocean away, Luciano Battista wants a piece of Jake’s talent. Posing as a pioneering scientist, the terrorist leader has been conducting cerebral-implant experiments in a sinister quest to create a breed of super jihadist agents…and Jake’s altered brain may be the key to his success. But Jake refuses to play the pawn in an unholy war–and when an innocent woman and autistic child are taken hostage to force his cooperation, he embarks on a jihad of his own. Jake and his band of loyal friends are thrust into a deadly chase that leads from the canals of Venice through Monte Carlo and finally to an ancient cavern in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan–where Jake discovers that his newfound talents carry a hidden price that threatens the entire human race.

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