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This Week’s Question

Is there a book/series that everybody seems to love, but you can’t stand? Why?

Ruby Lee says…

Ruby_Lee 100I am a little afraid of the backlash that might come with some of my picks.  I am very picky about what I read and certain time periods or genres make me feel sad.  They might be great stories but if I feel sad reading them, they are a no for me.  The first series you might not believe – Harry Potter (by J.K. Rowling). I know everyone everywhere loves this series but at this point in my life, I really don’t.  I know this is probably missing the point, but being an orphan that is abused by the family you take it is really sad to me.  The second is The Dresden Files (by Jim Butcher). They just don’t speak to me. The third is the Outlander series (by Diana Gabaldon).  You know some people that get bad feelings walking into certain houses or buildings, I get bad feelings when I start reading some books and then I have to stop.  I can’t always say why I can’t keep reading, I just can’t.  That’s just the way I am built I guess.

Invested Ivana’s answer is…


Just as I think Ruby Lee and Nell are both crazy for not liking their picks, Kat and Luna will think I’m crazy for not liking mine. I have not been able to get on board with the young adult genre as much as some adults have. I have tried to read a few, and like a couple, but overall, it’s just not my favorite. There is a lot of YA dystopian and post-apocalyptic, and those genres aren’t my favorite either. So that could be one reason I avoid it. I think the other is that many (not all) young adult protagonist whine a whole helluva lot. I am not interested in listening to a young adult, or an older one (*cough*Thomas Covenant*cough*), whine.


Nervous Nellie says…

Book or series I hated?  Hate is a really strong word.  If I don’t like a book, I usually stop reading it and decide it really isn’t my thing.  It could be someone else’s, just not mine.

I guess the series that I just could not get into was Felix Castor by Mike Carey.  I tried both written and audio and I could not get the hang of it.  Ivana will be very displeased with me since she is a big Mike Carey fan, but *shrug* I just didn’t get it.

Since I put this little meme together, I get to elucidate my opinion about Ruby Lee disliking The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.  Really? Seriously?  What alien planet did you come from!?? 😉

Luna Lovebooks says…

Luna_Lovebooks_100I wouldn’t say I hated it but to be honest I didn’t really enjoy the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth as much as everyone else. My friends were raving about it – I saw readers of all ages with a copy in their hand, but to me it was  just an ok book. I could put it down and not feel bad if I didn’t get back to it for a few days. I’m not sure exactly what made me feel this way because I enjoyed many of the characters, the world was interesting, and the story flowed. Sometimes you can’t exactly pinpoint why a book doesn’t catch your interest as much as others – or at least I can’t. Maybe it’s a fairy thing?

Kat Mandu says…

Kat_Mandu_100I’ve never been a fan of the Twilight series. And not just because it became a huge fandom where we had things like “Team Jacob” and “Team Edward.” I was NOT fond of Bella or, really, any of the characters. Bella gives the YA characters a bad name for being compulsive, naive, and super whiny for the most part. Teenage crush? I get it. But do we really need to hear “He’s so pretty?” every page? Naw, I don’t think so.

I only read the first book and it was a struggle because I thought Bella was so stupid that if it were real life and she existed as a person, I’d probably hate her. Maybe even punch her in the face to knock some sense into her. Also, Cullen is overrated. I don’t need a possessive, overprotective, and frequently emotionally abusive vampire who sparkles to be my book boyfriend. In fact, Twilight kind of killed vampires for me to the point where I couldn’t even read vampire literature for quite some time. Overall, I just was not impressed with the story and didn’t see what the big deal was.

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  1. I forgot about that HP and Divergent… But I liked their movie adaptations… Happy weekend!

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  2. Harry Potter is a surprising one. I did not like the Outlander series either.


  3. forgot. Following on bloglovin


  4. Ohh I can understand the other books that were disliked but I am really surprised about the pick of the Harry Potter books as well. Thank you so much for stopping by my #FFF. Old Follower.


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