Nell’s Opinion and Book Hunt 10/2

Welcome to One Book Two. I love free books, so I go on a hunt to find them every week and then share my finds with you.  It’s kinda like Indiana Jones searching for artifacts…without snakes.  BUT BEFORE I show you my finds, I will subject you to a little thing called My Opinion.

Nervous_Nellie_100Today’s subject is: Why are some mass market paperbacks cheaper than Kindle books?

I can’t figure it out. I have examples so don’t think that I’m hallucinating or something.

J.D. Robb‘s Apprentice in Death is $6.79 for the mass market paperback while the Kindle edition is $14.99. Ok, that may be because the Kindle edition is available now and the mass market will be available in January 2017. Fair point. It’s the same for Robb’s Echos in Death. $14.99 for Kindle, $7.99 in paperback and the paperback is released four months later. Fine. Next example.

Nora Robert’s Bay of Sighs is $11.99 in Kindle version and $10.96 in paperback. Both are available right this very minute. Well, ok, the paperback will need to be shipped, but you can BUY either right now.

Amanda Steven’s The Sinner has the paperback available for $7.86 and the Kindle version for $7.99. Yes, I know it’s only a few cents difference, but you wanted examples!

Stephen King‘s End of Watch is available for $9.99 and the Kindle version is available for $14.99. This proves to me that it isn’t just a genre thing.

I could go on, but you get my point.

Does Amazon know something we don’t know? Is the world coming to a screeching end and in the post apocalyptic remains, amid the death and destruction, there will be no power, internet, electronic devices or ebooks?

If this is the case, I need to stock up on paperback books. I don’t want to be stuck with only one book to read in my post apocalyptic life. Can you imagine? Gah! One book? For everyone?

If, in fact, the world does end before I get my stockpile, the first thing I’m doing before I’m finding food or water is laying dibs on the library as a place to live. Sounds reasonable to me. The other survivors can have the fancy houses with their swimming pools. I mean, really, what good is a fancy house if there are no books?

: Cadaver Dog
Author:  Douglas Goodman

DescriptionAngie Graves trains dogs on all kinds of scents: guns, bombs, even cadavers. But when she is approached with the idea of training a dog to track zombies, she is not so sure. She needs a different dog for this line of work, and the only one available is a dog named Murder who she rescued when she found him left for dead. The problem is, Murder is nothing like a hero dog. He is scarred emotionally and physically. He is slow to trust, has a mischievous mind, and obsesses over his chicken toy. But if he and Angie can learn to work together, they may be able to solve the riddle of where the zombies come from, and why they are snatching up people.

Free on Kindle

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About Nervous Nell Justice

I read, read and then read. I love my life as a reviewer because I get to meet some awesome people who love books too. It's a fantastic world to live in!My favorite genres: Urban Fantasy, Regency Romance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Thrillers, Paranormal Mysteries, Vampire Romance, Historical, Contemporary or Futuristic Mysteries and Thrillers, Steampunk Fantasy and Mysteries, Police Procedurals and Political Thrillers.

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  1. I agree, living at the library is reasonable. The Twilight Zone where the man lived thru the apacolypse found the library where he would have all the time iN the world to read, but then broke his glasses…TERRIFYING!!!!

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  2. What a great site! Thank you for including Cadaver Dog in your find. I am only guessing here, but I think the reason the Kindle costs more than the paperback is probably contractual. My assumption is that the printing houses are ordering X amount of books for sale, and they want to sell all the paperbacks. Kinks would eat into those sales.

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    • Nervous Nell Justice

      I’m sure you are right about the costs being contractual. Mainly, I just wanted to put out there that should there be an apocalyptic event, I get dibs on the library. 😉 I have to try to make you smile. That’s in my contract. ;))


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