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Welcome to One Book Two. I love gossip and what gossip is any better than book or author gossip? Normally, I’m not one to repeat gossip, so be sure you listen close the first time.

This Weeks Gossip:

ghosts-gears-grimoiresThis flew right under my radar.  Amy Braun released a short Dark Sky series related story in Ghosts, Gears and Grimoires.  The short story is called Engineered Deceit and the anthology was released on October 28, 2016. There are 16 stories in this book and if you watch the YouTube trailer, which is done very well by the way, you’ll get a good idea of the stories. Fans of the Dark Sky series will be able to enjoy a short story told from Sawyer’s perspective as he faces a bizarre enemy, even for his world. I’m seriously looking forward to reading this book.

Title: Ghosts, Gears and Grimoires
Youtube trailer
A grimoire is a magician’s manual for invoking demons and the spirits of the dead. Within the pages of this book, you’ll find just such tales…along with a sprinkling of ghost stories, possessed machinery, and wicked deeds cloaked in Steampunk.

Immerse yourself in the magic, mystery and mayhem.

Jennifer Estep is releasing a new book on December 12, 2016.  How does she write so fast?!  Go Jennifer!!

nice-guys-biteTitle:  Nice Guys Bite
Author: Jennifer Estep
Series: Elemental Assassin #15.5
Description: New York Times bestseller Jennifer Estep continues her Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series with a novella starring Silvio Sanchez, the vampire assistant of Gin Blanco, as he goes on a holiday date that turns out to be more deadly than romantic.

Working for Gin Blanco (aka the Spider, the assassin who runs the Ashland underworld) doesn’t leave much time for romance, especially with Gin’s holiday party planning in full swing. But when he catches the eye of a charming gentleman, Silvio finds himself going out for coffee.

All’s fair in love and war, though. Just as Silvio is starting to enjoy himself, he realizes he’s being watched. His nice guy date doesn’t sense the danger, and Silvio wants to keep it that way (and, well, keep the guy alive) so Silvio ends the date early—only to be abducted by some villainous giants.

Will Silvio survive the night and make it back to the Pork Pit in time for Gin’s holiday party? Only if he decks the hall with bodies…

I’m sure you are all aware that Faith’s Hunter book Curse on the Land is available.  What you may not know is that the audio version is released as well. Woot!

From the Rob Cornell universe – the maker of the Craig Lockman series or better known as  The Lockman Chronicles series comes:

img_0238Title: Crossed
Author: Rob Cornell
Series: Unturned #2
Released: November 3, 2016
Description: Demon hunting ain’t so easy when you have to use an axe instead of a fireball.

A magical brand keeps Detroit sorcerer Sebastian Light from succumbing to the vampire infection roiling through his blood, but the brand also cuts him off from half of his power—maybe more.

Uncertain of his new limitations, Sebastian tries to play it safe even while hunting beasts on the Motor City’s paranormal most wanted list. But after a cadre of vampires attacks and burns down his home, like it or not, Sebastian must put those limits to the test—especially when he finds himself up against D-Town’s oldest and most powerful vampire.

More than Sebastian’s soul rides on finally defeating these undead deadbeats, including the lives of everyone he loves…and a chance to learn the truth behind his father’s mysterious death.


now on to the part you really came here for:



There is a humongous promotion going on right now, November 5-6, on Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Promoters website where they are hooking you up with around 200 science fiction, urban fantasy and straight up fantasy books for only .99.  Ninety Nine cents!!

Included is Rob’s series that I featured above, Amy Braun’s Cursed series and lots of others.  Be sure to hit your favorite ebook sellers through the above link before the end of November 6, 2016.


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  1. Maybe it’s just me, but the model on the cover of Nice Guys looks an awful lot like Sam Trammell who played Sam on HBO’s True Blood. 🙂


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