Nell’s Gossip and Sunday Book Hunt 11.13

Welcome to One Book Two. I love gossip and what gossip is any better than book or author gossip? Normally, I’m not one to repeat gossip, Nervous_Nellie_100so be sure you listen close the first time.

This Weeks Gossip:

John G. Hartness is going to release another Quincy Harker Demon Hunter book.  Yep, you heard right – #7 Heaven Help Us is going to be released on November 17, 2016.  I never thought I’d tell this to any author Heaven Help Usbut…PLEASE SLOW DOWN! I haven’t gotten to read #5 Heaven Sent and #6 Heaven’s Door.


Jenn Stark is releasing Forever Wilde which is Immortal Vegas series book #6.  When? December 27, 2016. Where will I be when it comes out? Waiting impatiently “sick” on my couch because I HAVE to see what tight spot Sara gets herself into.  I also HAVE to see what the Magician will do to help without really helping Sara get out of said tight spot. Bring it on, Jenn!  Oh, and the cover will be released soon.  I’ll post it as soon as I can.


Y’all know that Craig Schaefer is releasing the 3rd installment of Harmony Black series on March 28, 2017, right? Well, he is and I’m excited.  Also, if you want to get in on what the book is about, check out Glass Predator on Goodreads.  No cover yet, but I’ll bring it up as soon as I see it.


Ken Lange is an Indie author and fairly new on the scene. He was the-wanderer-awakensrecommended to me about six months ago and I read his very first book The Accession of the Stone Born.  Now, he is releasing a new book on November 15, 2016.  It’s called The Wanderer Awakens and it’s the first in the Warden Global series. If you are looking for an action hero that does not necessarily have clean hands, Viktor is the protagonist for you.  He does the jobs that the rest of us are squeamish or hesitate too long and get killed over.

Accession of the Stone Born will be on sale for $1.99 starting November 15, 2016 for a week, so get yours!

now on to the part you really came here for:


One Wilde NightTitle: One Wilde Night
Author: Jenn Stark
Series: Immortal Vegas .05
DescriptionTarot-reading artifact hunter Sara Wilde has had her share of tough assignments, but this one just might take the cake. When her newest client hires her to steal a fertility idol from an Amazonian sex-and-death cult, she finds herself south of the equator and shoulder deep in true believers, while Rio de Janeiro gears up for the closing celebrations of Carnival.

Stealing the idol is one thing, however. Keeping it is another.

The arcane black market has drawn a host of cutthroat operatives and Sara’s now in their sights. In a race across one of the most colorful cities in South America on its most famed night of the year, Sara must navigate cunning enemies, backstabbing allies, a fifty-foot wedding cake float and a new, sensually mysterious contact who may be friend or foe… and whose name she’ll never learn if she doesn’t make it to dawn alive.

No matter what the cards predict, it’s going to be One Wilde Night

Free on Kindle


Title:  Getting WildeGetting Wilde
Author: Jenn Stark
Series: Immortal Vegas #1
DescriptionUsing her well-worn Tarot deck, magical-artifacts hunter Sara Wilde can find anything–for a price. And the price had better be right, since she needs to finance her own personal mission to rescue several young psychics recently sold on the paranormal black market.

Enter Sara’s most mysterious client and occasional lover, the wickedly sexy Magician, with a job that could yield the ultimate payday. All she’ll have to do is get behind Vatican walls… and steal the Devil himself.

But play with the Devil and you’re bound to get burned.

Pressure mounts for Sara to join the Magician’s ancient and mysterious Arcana Council, as militant forces unleashed by even darker powers seek to destroy all magic–including the young psychics Sara is desperate to keep safe. The Council may be their only hope. . . but it could also expose Sara’s own dark past.

From the twisting catacombs of Rome to the neon streets of Vegas, Sara confronts ancient enemies, powerful demigods, a roiling magical underworld about to explode… and immortal passions that might require the ultimate sacrifice. But oh, what a way to go.

No matter how the cards play out, things are about to get Wilde.

Free on Kindle

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