Nell’s Gossip and Sunday Book Hunt 11/27

Welcome to One Book Two. I love gossip and what gossip is any better than book or author gossip? Normally, I’m not one to spread rumors, so be sure you listen close the first time.

This Weeks Gossip:

amy-braun-smoke-skyI have a cover reveal! Maybe everyone has seen it, but I hadn’t yet, so I’m sharing.  Amy Braun is publishing Gemma’s story in Smoke Sky that will be released December 6, 2016.  I read about Nash’s story in Amber Sky, so I’m excited to read Gemma’s.  This trio (before Claire) are really mismatched and only made allies through circumstances, but made friends due to caring for one another.  It’s a pretty cool post apocalyptic steam punk kind of story with big monsters that made me leave the light on.

Title:  Smoke Sky
Author: Amy Braun
Series: Dark Sky #0.5
To Be Published: December 6, 2016
Cover Artist:  Deranged Doctor Design
Description: To survive in a horrific world overseen by bloodthirsty monsters, young thief Gemma will do whatever she must to see another day. Even though that means working for a damaged man convinced to make her a permanent member of this thuggish family.

So when her employer tells her that he’ll release her from his clutches, Gemma is obviously skeptical. Especially since the job is easy enough– recruit the two marauders that the gang has been spying on to take her place.

But as Gemma lies to Nash and Sawyer, she commits the greatest mistake a spy can make–– she begins to see them as friends, and perhaps more. Soon, she will have to choose: Sacrifice two strangers to ensure freedom from a brutal future, or risk her life to save them…

Set two years before the events of CRIMSON SKY, this prequel novella tells the story of how Gemma met Nash and Sawyer, and what prompted her to chose their safety over her own. While best enjoyed before reading CRIMSON SKY, this bonus story can be read at any time or enjoyed as a standalone.


Have you ever heard of instaFreebie? It’s this place on the internet that you can go and scope out new books. Nervous_Nellie_100 Authors put them up on this site and you get to get the chance to download them for free!   For example, Terry Maggert, one of our often reviewed authors has a book out called Heartborn.  If you click on this spot right here, you can claim a free copy for yourself.  It’s easy.

It’s really more for authors to connect with their fans, but I’ve found new authors by just clicking through the genre list.  It’s kind of fun!  What’s also kind of fun is that instaFreebie hosts giveaways.  Scroll through the giveaways until something strikes your fancy and enter.


halfway Hunted2Speaking of Terry Maggert, I noticed on Goodreads that there will be another addition to the the Halfway Witchy series family.  Halfway Drowned will be released sometime during the summer of 2017.  I have no cover and no description (that’s how fresh this info is), so watch future posts for announcements.  ALSO, remember the book I mentioned above, Heartborn? This is a YA Fantasy.  It’s also primed for an addition to it’s series family too.  February 2017 will be the target release date for Moondiver.  No cover or description yet, so again, watch for future posts to get the downlow.

If you haven’t started the Halfway Witchy series, I think it would be a good idea.  This is a series about a young witch that has to protect her lands and the people, super natural or no, from the bad things that ooze out of the cracks of the cesspool of weird and scare the crap outta a person.  It’s also a bit a romance, though nothing out of hand.

now on to the part you really came here for:


the-dark-of-nightTitle: The Dark of Night
Author: Jason LaVelle
Description: Karen Gilbert is a survivor. More than twenty years have passed since Karen was stalked by a demon child intent on her death. Still, she can’t escape from the dark forces in her life, as she realizes her daughter has now become the target of a vengeful spirit. In this chilling follow-up to The Cold Room, Karen’s daughter Emma must now battle with an ancient evil whose powers and rage have been building for centuries.

Free on Kindle

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