Witch’s Bounty, Witch’s Bane & Witches Rule by Ann Gimpel

Only three demon assassin witches exist and only a zillion demons to assassinate.  The score doesn’t look so promising.  The Sidhe pawned off the job on witches only to have them nearly become extinct because of their selfishness.  Can this all be fixed?

I received an ARC of this book from the author/publisher. All opinions are my own.

witchs-bountyTitle: Witch’s Bounty
Author: Ann Gimpel
Series: Demon Assassin #1
Publish Date: September 6, 2016
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance
Source: One of three remaining demon assassin witches, Colleen is almost the last of her kind. Along with her familiar, a changeling spirit, she was hoping for a few months of quiet, running a small magicians’ supply store in Fairbanks, Alaska. Peace isn’t in the cards, though. Demons are raising hell in Seattle. She’s on her way to kick some serious demon ass, when a Sidhe shows up and demands she accompany him to England to quell a demon uprising.

Gutsy, opinionated, and outspoken, Colleen refuses to come. Witches need her help, and they trump everything else. Despite breaking a prime Sidhe precept concerning non-interference in mortals’ affairs, Duncan offers his assistance. Colleen fascinates him, and he wants to discover more about her. Lots more.

The Sidhe might be the best-looking man Colleen’s ever stumbled over, but she doesn’t have time for him—or much of anything else. She, Jenna, and Roz are Earth’s only hedge against being overrun by Hell’s minions. Even with help from a powerful magic wielder like Duncan, the odds aren’t good and the demons know it.

Sensing victory is within their grasp, they close in for the kill.

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel (or, in other words, SPOILERS).

Nervous Nellie says…Nervous_Nellie_100

This is an urban fantasy romance. A little violence, a little bloodshed but for the most part this is a romance with a mystery mixed in.  There is some rather colorful language, so the book doesn’t qualify as cozy.

I didn’t especially bond well with the characters in this book.  Duncan and Colleen took about 35 seconds to fall in love.  They also were very guishy and I could practically see the little hearts swirling around their heads. There wasn’t much room for growth between the couple and there didn’t have to be because their perfectness was seen in the stars.  Yeah, well, I’m not much into fluffy romance stories and with the series title of Demon Assassins, I expected a little more action and adventure.

I’d like to rate Witch’s Bounty higher, but it was just meh.

Now, Witch’s Bane on the other hand was much, much better.  Roz and Ronin is a whole different story.  Roz’s jealousy regarding Colleen’s love life is very relatable.  She’s been disrespected and used.  It’s hard to be lonely and see a friend so moony in love.

I like Roz and she’s a pretty tough cookie.  Ronin hasn’t had life all unicorns and rainbows either.  His human woman died giving birth to his son, who also died.  That kind of sent Ronin off the deep end and he’s been alone ever since.  I can respect that.

I enjoyed Witch’s Bane and I will give it a higher rating because it was such an improvement over book #1.  I liked the characters much more and their relationship seemed more substantial and something I could get behind.

Witches Rule is the 3rd in the series and I didn’t get it finished in time for review.  I’m interested to see how Jenna finds her love match so I’ll be sure to get it done.

All in all, this series was pretty ok.  I think it is geared to a less gritty audience than me.  I would recommend these stories to those who like a little kick ass with their romance instead of a little romance with their kick ass.

Witch’s Bounty
Witch’s Bane
Witches Rule

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