The Princess Companion: A Retelling of the Princess and the Pea by Melanie Chellier

In this fairy tale retelling, we get a behind the scenes look at how Alyssa, the lead character in this story, becomes the legendary princess of The Princess & The Pea.

I received an ARC of this book book from the author/publisher. All opinions are my own.

the-princess-companionTitleThe Princess Companion: A Retelling of the Princess and the Pea
AuthorMelanie Chellier
SeriesThe Four Kingdoms, Book 01
Publish Date: January 2, 2016, Luminant Publications
Genre: YA Fantasy
Source: Provided by the author

Publisher’s Description: One dark and stormy night, lost and alone, Alyssa finds herself knocking on the door of a castle.

After a lifetime spent in the deep forest, Alyssa has no idea what to expect on the other side.

What she finds is two unruly young princesses and one very handsome prince. When Alyssa accepts the job of Princess Companion she knows her life will change. What she doesn’t know is that the royal family is about to be swept up in unexpected danger and intrigue and that she just might be the only thing standing between her kingdom and destruction.

This retelling of the classic fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea, reimagines the risks and rewards that come when one royal family goes searching for a true princess.

Danger and romance await a woodcutter’s daughter in a royal palace.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Kat_Mandu_100Kat Mandu says…

This is a fun retelling of Princess and the Pea. I enjoyed going on Alyssa’s journey as she starts out as a girl lost in the woods, becomes a companion (kind of like a babysitter) to the princesses of the kingdom, and eventually, a princess herself.

What I liked: This is an incredibly unique idea. I love retellings – give me any kind and I’ll soak them up – and I really don’t see a lot of Princess & The Pea retellings, if any at all. I loved the premise and the set up. The summary really drew me in and I was all like “grabby hands” (even though it took a while for met to actually get to this review, sorry!).

The characters are well-rounded and believable. There are two young twins, Lily and Sophia, who make life a little stressful for Alyssa, plus their older brother, the prince, who also likes to agitate Alyssa throughout most of the story. Lots of highs and lows for the lead character as she figures out her place in the royal castle and in the hearts of her royal family, especially when there are several situations where both her identity and morals are put into question.

badge3v4The one thing I wasn’t fond of: Although there’s a lot going on and it all makes sense, sometimes there’s a bit of information overload with the setup, causing the plot to slow down to a crawl. It’s like the story is setup so that there are several “acts” in which each act is a new story for the character. Part one, she gets the job; part two, she’s figuring out her way; part three, she’s dealing with romantic competition and characters who want to build her up and/or tear her down. Which is fine and dandy except a lot of things are almost too descriptive in the flow and this made it drag a bit for me. I found my mind wandering a lot during these parts and I was able to set the book down, rather than reading on like I love doing.

But otherwise, a very enjoyable read, especially if you love books by C.J. Redwine, Marissa Meyer, and Melodie Dickerson.


I received an ARC of this book book from the author/publisher. All opinions are my own.


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