Nell’s Gossip and Sunday Book Hunt 12/18/16

Welcome to One Book Two. I love gossip and what gossip is any better than book or author gossip? Normally, I’m not one to spread rumors, so be sure you listen close the first time.

This Weeks Gossip:

There is a problem, you see. I wrote my whole gossip column and left it on a flash drive at work, so I’m going with the next best thing.  Christmas.  What do we all want for Christmas?

I love books.  Book related paraphernalia.  Anything to help to read a book.  Kindles, Nooks…whatever is newly available.  The problem is that one needs a space to put it.  It’s kind of the same problem “real” book lovers have.  The have to have a space to put all those books.  Then, if you are a little on the neurotic side, like me, you have to worry that if I read a book, then there won’t be another one until there has been a trip to the book store.  I know that is goofy, but it’s a legitimate worry.  I may have a cache of books, but if I read every single one then where would I be?

Here’s a couple of book lover gifts I found that I’d really been drawn to.  Feel free to send them over to One Book Two and the receptionist will be happy to hide them from me.  😉

Premium Soft Luxurious Royal mink reverses to Extra Soft Fleece

  • indexSoft Pockets for Warming Hands
  • 4 Heat Settings for Customized Warmth
  • Dimensions: 25″ x 57″
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

This looks so cozy, I can hardly believe it exists.  It’s available in all sorts of shapes and sizes – just look for heated wrap.

Can you imagine, having your computer on your lap or reading device – whatever – setting in on auto scroll so you never have to expose any skin to the brutal cold.

Ah, the life of a book reader.  Magical.

Now, for the bottom half of me…  book_lovers_throw_blanket

This is a throw blanket that looks like a library shelf.  I don’t know exactly what it’s made out of – cotton, fleece, whatever – but it looks good.  I know it’s hard to believe, but sometimes when I’m snuggled up, I get hot.  Two hot blooded kitties napping on my lap do it every time, so that’s why I choose a non heated leg cover.

The only thing missing is jammies.  One must be comfortable when one is reading.  There are so many choices out there, that I have yet to settle on one.

img_0247If I had a Mac, I would love a case like this.  When there is an iPad cover similar, with a keyboard, I’m all over this.

Now the last thing that I can think of is a beverage holder.  I know lots of people prefer coffee or tea, but if there is great involvement in the story, that beverage will get cold.  I usually drink water because that’s better for me.  But if I did need a mug, there are plenty to choose from.

Oh, wait.  What about a book light?  There are tons of those out there, but I have to be careful, because book lovers will love what ever works for them.  There are choices to be made and some book lights are top heavy, which will not work.  Some have barely enough light, which will not work.  Some are double headed, and they are ok, but again they require a clip to stay in place and that clip is heavy.  I have yet to stumble upon the best book light, but if anyone has any suggestions, please send them my way.

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