Cover Reveal for Warden Global Series

One Book Two is pleased to be hosting the cover reveal for Ken Lange’s Global Warden series!

the-wanderer-awakens-final3Author Ken Lange is updating the look of his Warden Global series and Vigilis Urbani Chronicles to create a stronger visual connection between the two—as they are written in the same universe, though about different characters—and to keep the look of future covers consistent. The new cover for The Wanderer Awakens is the first taste of the new style for the series.

Isn’t it scrumptious?!?!?!

Cover artist Danielle Fine did an amazing job setting the tone for the first book in the Warden Global series, The Wanderer Awakens.

See our review for The Wanderer Awakens here, and our interview with Danielle Fine here.

the-wanderer-awakens-audible-coverIn addition to a new cover, The Wanderer Awakens will be released in audio very soon! It should be available on sometime in January. Narrator Marlin May brings Viktor Warden to life with both his humor and his gravity. Check out the audio sample at the bottom of the page.

Accession of the Stone Born, the first book in the Vigili Urbani Chronicles, will receive its makeover sometime in February, and it will also be published in audio later this year. The second book in the Warden Global series should be published sometime late this Spring, with the second book of the Vigili Urbani Chronicles making an appearance before the end of 2017.

See our review for Accession of the Stone Born here.


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