A Girl In Time by John Birmingham

The ancient and the modern collide in this fun time travel adventure. I couldn’t help but wonder if I would do as well as Cady in Victorian London or in Ancient Rome!

This review is of a purchased copy; however, the author is a client of Jen Edits, which is an affiliate of this site.

a-girl-in-timeTitleA Girl In Time
AuthorJohn Birmingham
Series: stand alone (so far)
Publish Date: December 9, 2016
Genre: Time-travel fantasy
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s Description: The past is another country. A dangerous one.

On the eve of a huge, breakout success, a poor but brilliant young game developer is pulled out of her world, and time itself, by a cowboy desperately searching for the daughter he lost two hundred years ago.

Cady McCall is ready to be rich and famous. She’s sacrificed everything, putting her work ahead of family and friends. Now with mad success and huge wealth so close she can taste it, her life is blown apart by Deputy Marshal John ‘Titanic’ Smith, the man who rescues her from two muggers, only to carry her off into history. Lost on the seas of time, Smith is desperate to get home to his family in 1876, and now Cady is lost along with him, facing danger and finding love in Victorian London, Ancient Rome and in the near-future America of President for Life Donald Trump.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Percy_Procrastinator_100Percy Procrastinator says…

This book surprised and delighted me in all the right ways. We get a glimpse into Cady’s life and how she’s on the verge of a big payout. I waited to find out what she would do with the money, but had to keep waiting because her adventures start before she can get the big payday.

The book divides itself into three parts. Part I is about the present and Victorian London. I think this is the slowest part, but it’s needed to set the scene and those to come. The author does a great job exploring and showing us Victorian London and how foreign someone from the present would find it. The smells would be offal (pun most definitely intended). For a modern woman to go back, though, it would have to be scary. It’s why I can forgive Cady not being as strong as I hoped she would be, because other worries come crashing down. Once that is complete, we move forward to Part II.

Part II is an alternate history of the present. Without getting too political, it posits that everything bad that Trump said he would do has been implemented in a few short years, and that’s where Cady finds herself. The author cleverly switches points of view here so that now we are following Smith, who needs explanation as to what is happening. That was a good choice as it gave the author the ability to explain some changes to us in a natural way and keep the story going. I was happy that Cady was able to gain her strength back and do what she needed to do and was more of the driving force.

Part III sees our travelers in Roman times and the author switches as needed between the two main characters. This works well for me and the story. Now, both of them are in a world that is foreign to them and they have to work together if they ever want to get back home.

badge5v4Through it all, there are a few sidebars about the time travel and a bigger picture with time travel. These don’t come together as well, as many things are left hanging about an aspect of it, but hopefully, we will learn more in another book. Between that and a few quibbles I had with the characters, I would give this a four and a half stars but will round up to five. A good read and I look forward to reading more.

This review is of a purchased copy; however, the author is a client of Jen Edits, which is an affiliate of this site.


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  1. So when is ‘Girl in Time’ book 2 coming out?


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