Lost Soul by Adam J. Wright

2016-standout-award-badge-smallZombies, Werewolves, Witches – they are all a known, yet secret part of the world. The Society of Shadows established in the 1600’s have investigators to nose around the weird and strange occurrences to determine the harmful status to the mundane humans.

Lost soulTitle:  Lost Soul
Author: Adam J. Wright
Series: Harbinger, P.I. #1
Publish Date: February 25, 2016
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Cover: Rebecca Frank
NarratorGreg Tremblay
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s DescriptionAlec Harbinger is a preternatural investigator, a hunter of things that go bump in the night. When his employers, the Society of Shadows, banish him from his Chicago office to a small town in Maine, Alec thinks his career and life are over. How is a preternatural investigator supposed to find work in a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere? But when a local teenager comes back from a weekend at the lake with an altered personality, Alec is hired to investigate a possible demon possession. A young man turning up at Alec’s office insisting he’s been bitten by a werewolf adds to the caseload. And just to make his first day at the office perfect, Alec discovers that someone in the Society of Shadows is trying to kill him with ogre assassins. No work for a preternatural investigator in a sleepy Maine town? Yeah, about that… 

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel (or, in other words, SPOILERS).

Nervous_Nellie_100Nervous Nellie says…

First of all, this is an urban fantasy. Not much gore, no actual sex. There is a little violence with a sword and car engine which is quite unexplainable to the mundane human law enforcement. There are a couple of deaths, but they weren’t described with too much detail.

Alec Harbinger is pretty good at what he does. He isn’t a wizard or nor does he have any magical inclinations, but the Society of the Shadows does. He’s supposed to ‘work’ for them – a pretty loosely held concept since they only are interested in his results and not whether he keeps his life or not.

badge4v4Alec thinks he’s been banished to a small town with hardly any kind of magical problems to solve . . . so he thinks. He has a lovely assistant, who is very good at what she does, and he meets other people that could easily become his support system. His first case is a sort of missing person’s case.

Alec also has a past. Something is going on with him and he doesn’t remember the whole incident even though he’s been through rigorous questioning by the Society’s best interrogators. There is someone out there that wants to kill him for something he doesn’t remember.

Oh, what a tangled web.

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