Nell’s Gossip and Sunday Book Hunt 1/15/17

Welcome to One Book Two. I love gossip and what gossip is any better than book or author gossip? Normally, I’m not one to spread rumors, so be sure you listen close the first time.

This Weeks Gossip:

I have been out hunting for books.  I know, I know.  Mount TBR is going to collapse and bury me.  Well, reserve judgment until after you see what I found.

I read Full Metal Magic and got a taste for a couple of authors I had never tried before.  One was J.A. Cipriano.  Now, to be honest, I didn’t really care for Mac Brennan at first.  He is the protagonist in The Thrice Cursed Mage series.  Does it mean I won’t read the series? No, it does not.  I want to give it a shot because sometimes novellas have to hurry through a story and theoretically, I’m supposed to have already met Mac in Mr. Cipriano’s first book, Cursed, which ashamedly, is still on my TBR pile.  This author has several series available and I have not availed myself of any of them, but that’s where my hunt started.  The covers drew me in and then the descriptions egged me on.  I went to J.A. Cipriano‘s website and he has the first chapter available for a couple of his books.  This next book that I’m going to show you made me want to start it right away.  Check it out.

Heart of GoldTitle: Heart of Gold
Co Author: J.B. Garner
Series: Clans of Shadow #1
Description: My name is Frank Butcher, and when I got out of my truck to deliver the last package of the day, I never expected to get blown up by anti-magic zealots.

Yeah, you heard me right. I said magic. I didn’t know it was a thing either.

Now, an ancient artifact is the only thing keeping me alive, and to make matters worse, that artifact is what those cultists wanted.

Still, I could have made a run for it, disappeared down into South America and spent the rest of my life on a beach. I nearly did it, but I didn’t.

Why? Because the cultists have offered me a trade. Come to them or they start killing kids.


Looks good, right?  Here’s another one of his books that got my attention:

pound-of-fleshTitle: Pound of Flesh
Co-Author: Connor Kressley
Half Demon Warlock

Description: My name is Roy Morgan, and I’m not your average Atlanta cop. For one, most of them don’t have to kill people to stay alive. I do. It’s a half-demon thing. Yep, that’s right, half-demon. It’s awesome, especially since I’m half-warlock too, and those two sides don’t much get along.

Still, that and a buck will get you a candy bar. So it’s all good.

Or at least it was.

See, I had this dumb idea to stop a robbery in progress and have myself a snack. Turns out these weren’t your run of the mill robbers. No, these were demonic slavers, there to capture the district attorney and sell her off to the highest bidding demon in Hell.

Now if I want to stop them, I’m going to have to fight my way through a city full of hellfire-flinging, gun-toting, spell-weaving demons.


Now a little gossip (it was kind of slow around the coffee shop).




Lisa Shearin is working on the next Raine Benares book.  It will be called Ruins and Revenge.  It’s still in the works and Lisa said she’s thinking she’ll get it to the editor around March and she wants all ya’ll to watch for it’s release around May/June 2017.  This will be book #9 in the Raine Benares series.  Oh, and don’t forget that The Ghoul Vendetta, SPI Files #4, will be released January 31, 2017.  I was super lucky to have read it and our review will go live here on One Book Two on January 23, 2017.  It was the best SPI Files yet!





Remember when I mentioned The Golden Spider, The Elemental Web Chronicles #1?  Well, #2 of the series was released on January 7, 2017.

The Silver SkullTitle:  The Silver Skull
Author: Anne Renwick
Description: Lady Olivia is not all she seems.
Trained for marriage to an assigned political target, her skills lie in programming household steambots to serve tea, dress her hair… and sound the alarm while she picks locks and listens at doors. Humiliated by a failed assignment, she decides to redeem herself by tailing a suspected double agent.

Lord Rathsburn must flirt with treason.
Struggles to cure a horrible disease have met with unexpected complications. The cells he engineered can make a man’s bones unbreakable, but the side effects are fatal. He believed the research terminated… until his sister was kidnapped by a German count. Her ransom? A cure.

Piloting a stolen dirigible, he uncovers an unlikely stowaway, Lady Olivia.
Arriving together at a crumbling castle, an impossible task is set before them: cure the count’s guardsmen. Amidst their fake marriage, a very real growing attraction, dying guardsmen and escalating hostilities, Lady Olivia and Lord Rathsburn are thrust deep into the world of international medical espionage from which there may be no return.


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