The Dead, the Damned, and the Forgotten by Jocelynn Drake

Welcome to Saturday Shorts, in which we review shorter works such as short stories, novellas, middle-grade books, and graphic novels. Today we continue our review of the Dark Days series by Jocelynn Drake with a second short in the series.

Dead Damned and Forgotten by Jocelynn DrakeTitleThe Dead, the Damned, and the Forgotten
AuthorJocelynn Drake
Series: Dark Days Book 0.6
Publish Date: January 31, 2013, Harper Voyager
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Publisher’s DescriptionPreviously published in the anthology Unbound.

A nightwalker is slain, and suspicion falls on Mira—Fire Starter—the last hope of her immortal race, in Jocelynn Drake’s The Dead, the Damned, and the Forgotten.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Kat_Mandu_100Kat Mandu says…

In this Dark Days novella, Mira and her nightwalker companion, Knox, hunt for a human murderer who killed a nightwalker in his most vulnerable state – in the daylight hours, when he’s asleep.

This is a short story that is set very close to the events of the first Dark Days book, Nightwalker (especially since the presence of Danaus is hinted at on the last page).

It’s strange to go back to Mira’s world after so long. I’ve always loved this series because of how much of a badass Mira is. I love the world building and how Drake really loves playing with the vampire traits in her own way. Such as how they are “forced” to sleep during the day and that in their unconscious state, at their most vulnerable.

badge5v5Mira and Knox are able to work together as a team as they go from one conversation to the next battle and back to what is considered their normal routine. Mira often finds herself a bloody mess, yet she’s still standing despite all the people who try to kill her. Plus, she always gets her revenge, even if she’s not the one doing the killing. This is a nicely gritty story that involves plots of revenge and bloodlust.

I give it a five 🙂

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  1. Nervous Nell Justice

    I love this series. It’s gonna be on my TBR again pile.


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