Resistance by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

In this brilliantly written dark dystopian, readers meet two sides of Anaiya 234 – and discover her mission will forever change her identity.

I received an ARC or review copy of this book from the author/publisher. All opinions are my own.

AuthorMikhaeyla Kopievsky
SeriesDivided Elements, Book 01
Publish Date: January 20, 2017, by Kyrija
Genre: Dystopian/Post-apocalyptic
Source: provided by the author

Publisher’s DescriptionIn a future post-apocalyptic Paris, a rebellion threatens to upset the city’s perfectly-structured balance and plunge its citizens into anarchy.

The Announcer calls my name, but she does not speak to me. This macabre spectacle has nothing to do with me. And everything to do with them. This is all for the thousands below – the compliant citizens of Otpor, the witnesses to my Execution, the silent and transfixed. This is their moment. Their reconditioning.

Two generations after the Execution of Kane 148 and Otpor’s return to Orthodoxy, forbidden murals are appearing on crumbling concrete walls – calling citizens to action. Calling for Resistance.

The murals will change the utopian lives of all citizens. But, for Anaiya 234, they will change who she is.

A Peacekeeper of the uncompromising Fire Element, Anaiya free-runs through city’s precincts to enforce the Orthodoxy without hesitation or mercy. Her selection for a high-risk mission gives Otpor the chance it needs to bring down the Resistance and Anaiya the opportunity she craves to erase a shameful legacy.

But the mission demands an impossible sacrifice – her identity.

With this accomplished debut offering, Kopievsky presents a dark dystopian tale with complex characters, exquisite world-building and high tension. Divided Elements (Book 1) – Resistance is a welcomed addition to the intelligent speculative fiction tradition of Philip K. Dick, Margaret Atwood and Rupert Thomson.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Kat_Mandu_100Kat Mandu says…

In Anaiya’s world, people are divided by various traits based on the four elements. She is part of Fire – impulsive, energetic, determined, and for the most part, unfeeling. As a Peacekeeper, it’s her duty to make sure none of the elementals in her world step out of line – after all, orthodoxy is key and heterodoxy is considered wrong and punishable by death. This set up reminds me a lot of Divergent and fascinates me because it has its own unique spin.

Resistance begins with writings painted on the walls of her city, several of which Anaiya is the first to discover. When the government in charge orders her and the other peacekeepers to action, the goal is to put a stop to this heterodoxy, this “resistance.” In order to do this, Anaiya must go undercover and follow a lead that the Air element is behind the vandalism and therefore, rebellion. But first, she must shift her “alignment” of fire to the most dangerous element: air.

After her transformation, Anaiya finds herself discovering things about herself she never knew or felt before. She dreams and discovers a passion for music and creativity. She feels love, compassion, and anger. And she remembers it was how her mentor, Kane 148, became the “traitor” people still fear – and how his story may become her own.

This is a fast-paced read full of creative world-building, complex characters, and vivid writing.

There’s a scene early on that, though I wasn’t fond of what was actually happening, really hits home with how dark the story will be and sets up the feel for the remainder of the book. It describes a female dog in labor, who gives birth to pups that won’t survive because they were in the wrong place. It’s sad and graphic, but that’s what really made me see the story in the light it was supposed to be in.

badge5v5I really like the character of Anaiya, who is young and determined to prove herself, especially since her mentor was executed for heterodoxic crimes. I like how after her alignment changes, her relationships do as well, including the one with Niamh, her sometimes lover, sometimes partner in the field.

All in all, this is a great book. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

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Recommended for fans of Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, and Bella Forrest.

I received an ARC or review copy of this book from the author/publisher. All opinions are my own.


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