Darklands: The Not-Where by Lyn I Kelly

The mysterious world of The Dark Lands unfolds more terror, love, and mysteries in this second novel of the trilogy.

I received an ARC or review copy of this book from the author/publisher. All opinions are my own.

Title: Darklands: The Not-Where
Author: Lyn I. Kelly
Series: Dark Lands
Publish Date: May 18, 2016
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Provided by the author.

Publisher’s Description:

The betrayal at the Requiem has passed, but the foreboding presence of the Dark Man still exists. While whispers of a new threat roll across the Dark Lands, Webb Thompson is plagued by a recurring nightmare that warns of a looming evil powerful enough to transform not just his life, but also that of his sister, Sundown, and her counselor, Raven. After the Dark Man initiates a move that destabilizes the shaky balance of good and evil in the Dark Lands, Webb realizes the only resolution may lie within a shadowy region known to few and traversed by even less. But does the cryptic Not-Where hide the source of tribulation or is it a place to release more insidious forces? As the paths of Webb, Sundown, and Raven surreptitiously intertwine, they realize too late that despite their caution and steadfastness, destiny cannot be tempered as new evils are unleashed, secrets are revealed, and a vast army rises. Now only time will tell if they can stop the Dark Man from escaping his otherworldly prison. . .

Luna Lovebooks says…

Likes: I like that the information over load is very minimal in this book. The reader gets a more in depth look at Raven, Webb, and Sundown, as well as the evil creatures presiding in the Dark Lands now that the back story to the land itself is established. I actually like that the Dark Man is so mysterious and always one step ahead of the main characters. I am sure this will change in the third installment of this unique series, but for now it is refreshing to see an underdog story being set up.  That cliff hanger ending was killer!

Dislikes: I am normally a fan of love but this instant attraction between Raven and Webb and the reasoning behind it did have me rolling my eyes a little. It was a predicable move, one that I actually guessed while reading Requiem. There are a few other predicable tid-bits throughout the novel but this one stood out because it seemed kind of cliché compared to the rest of the novel. While overall I do like Webb, I find his childish way of thinking annoying. He just doesn’t act 17 to me most of the time, and I always feel like Sundown is much younger than she is as well (or maybe I’m just getting older and can’t remember being that impetuous ;)).

I have to give this novel 4 Dark Mans. 

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