Talking Books with Nell part 5


Welcome to another Talking Books with Nell. I’m continuing talking about book genres.  We’ve covered a couple and are moving on to more.

This week I want to talk about Horror.  It’s a genre that I always stayed away from because I didn’t give it a chance.  I put it on the pedestal right next to psychological thriller.  I’d run screaming the other direction.  When I think of Horror I instantly think of Stephen King.  I read IT when I was in high school and it scared me so badly that I swore off anything like that ever again. I was staunch in that opinion until an author friend of mine tricked me.  He says “Try this.  You’ll like it!” I looked at the cover and I swear I should have known better.  The title was The Whisper King by Wil Radcliffe. It’s beside the point that I loved it.  It was incredible.  Then I moved on to the Soren Chase series by Rob Blackwell.  Loved that too.  Then it was Lincoln Farish‘s Inquisitor series.  Awesome, I tell you!  So, now here I am, stuck loving a genre I shouldn’t.  Horror is scary, right? Well, I figured out there are several different kinds of horror.  It’s the horror stories like Amityville Horror kind of books that make me nervous as all get out.  Maynard Sims published Convalescence and they wanted me to review it.  One look at the cover gave me the willies and I passed it along to those on staff that are less scaredy cats.  Now, don’t paint every author that writes a horror story the same.  Horror has so many different branches that it’s overwhelming.  Maynard Sims also publishes Department 18 series and I devoured that series and it’s labelled as horror.  I think it’s me and not them.  Some psychological quirk that makes me freak at groaning houses and disembodied voices.  Give me a monster and I’m cool.  Give me a scary possessed doll or a house that has a mind of it’s own and I’m outta here.

I found this website on the internet and it describes subgenres of horror.  It’s  There are so many subgenres that it blows my mind.  I thought Fantasy was a packed genre, but horror holds its own.   Goodreads also has a list but it’s pared down to a manageable amount of subgenres, but I’m afraid the subgenres have subgenres.  If I had to pick and choose which subgenres give me the worst willies, I’d choose: Creepy Kids (here’s a top ten list from,  Holocaust (such as The Stand by Stephen King), and Dark Suspense.  Here’s a list from of the Top 10 Most Disturbing Novels.

If I had to choose the subgenres that I like the most it would have to include Dark Fantasy (those listed above by Wil Radcliffe, Rob Blackwell and Lincoln Farish) such as Jeremiah Hunt series by Joseph Nassise, Humorous and Paranormal.

Check back again for more discussion in “Talking Books with Nell”.



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