Modern Sorcery by Gary Jonas

A Null private investigator in a magic kind of world.  That is a great defense even though he doesn’t advertise it.  It’s kind of funny to watch the magic users after they cast and Jonathan is still just standing there with nary a hair ruffled.

Title Modern Sorcery: The First Jonathan Shade Novel
Author: Gary Jonas 
Series: Jonathan Shade #1
Released Date: October 21, 2014
Genre: Fantasy
Narrator: Joe Hempel
Source: purchased through

Publisher’s Description: A husband armed with a sword hacks apart his wife in a Denver grocery store. There are dozens of witnesses, and the crime is captured on the security cameras. To the police, it’s an open-and-shut case.

To Naomi, the daughter of the couple, it’s evidence of dark magic. She hires her ex-lover, a private investigator named Jonathan Shade to prove her father is innocent.

Shade specializes in paranormal cases, but he isn’t buying it. Still, he takes the case, hoping to rekindle their relationship. Instead, Shade finds himself mixed up in supernatural intrigue with wizards, magically engineered assassins, and an ancient sorcerer returned to life who’s willing to kill anyone who stands in his way.

Too bad Shade doesn’t have any magic.

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel. In other words…spoilers.  *BEWARE*

Nervous Nellie says…

This story has no sex.  It has very interesting characters and more than a little violence.  There is no cliffhanger and it’s a fantasy/urban fantasy/murder mystery kind of story.  This is #1 in the series of 10 novels and 1 novella.

I picked this audio book up on a whim.  The cover wasn’t all that interesting, but the title and the description made me stop and look again.

Jonathan Shade is a private investigator of paranormal things.  Yes, I know, I always fall for this type of story, but I like them.  Jonathan is an ok guy.  He’s not especially standout which makes him a good investigator.  He has a partner that is especially good at fighting and she’s pretty cool too. (When you get to the toothpick scene, give me a holler – I really liked that scene).  Esther is a ghost that died in the ‘20’s and she’s pretty cool too.  She helps Jonathan with what things a ghost can do.

I liked this book.  The narrator – was fine.  It was the book’s story that kept me listening.  The narrator made a couple pronunciation mistakes (he must not follow urban fantasy, mythology or anything paranormal).  There were no hideous accents that were not understandable.   The narrator did do well on Jonathan’s voice but he slipped once or twice. The story was great, and I could do other things while listening. It wasn’t complicated with a half million characters or plots. I like multitask while listening to audio books and this book was right on target.

The writing was average with excellent being Jim Butcher-esque style.  The action wasn’t non-stop but it was enough to keep me interested.  This is only the first in the series and we all know the characters grow and improve the further into the series, so I’ll be getting the rest of the series to see where Mr. Shade’s life leads and what trouble he gets into.

Yes, I liked the book.  No, I wasn’t keen on the narrator.  Yes, I’ll go for more books by this author.  Yes, I’ll listen to more audio books from this author even though the narrator wasn’t quite up to par.  As a matter of fact, the story went fast.  I started out one minute and it seemed like the next minute it was done.  That’s a sign of a good book to me.

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