One Book Two’s 2017 Standout Awards

Another year gone and we’re back again! 2017 was a crazy year for most of us here on the blog. But the literary world never stops and we’re here to present our favorites from the last twelve months.

Welcome to the Third Annual Standout Awards by One Book Two! What are these awards, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

One Book Two Standout Awards are given out by One Book Two reviewers to honor titles and artists that created a stand-out experience for us as readers. At the end of the year, reviewers select—from among the reviews they’ve published during the year—the books, series, authors, audiobooks, narrators, cover artists, etc. that left the biggest impression.

We’ll add the Standout Award badge to those reviews and list all the winners on a page on our website. Authors can also display the award badge on their websites should they so choose. This is a way to highlight those books that really amazed us during the year.

So, without further ado, we’re delighted to present our 2017 Standout Awards! Thanks for a great year!

Nervous Nellie’s Picks for 2017

My pick this year for best “new to me” series is Brad Magnarella’s Prof Croft series –  
Demon Moon – Book One
Blood Deal – Book Two 
Purge City – Book Three  
Death Mage – Book Four 
Matt Kincade’s  Alex Rains Vampire Hunter series – 
The Devil’s MouthBook One 
Hell NightBook Two 
Best addition to a series:  Hungry Ghosts by Stephen Blackmoore
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The dominant genre this year was romance because it wasn’t hard to digest.  It’s a happy ending guaranteed and this year I needed all the happy endings I could get.

Another award goes to an author that will be very much missed.  Sue Grafton, author of the Kinsey Milhone alphabet series, passed away on December 28, 2017 at age 77.  She had always promised that she’d do her best to make it to the end of the alphabet.  Cancer had other ideas as Sue just released “Y is for Yesterday” and then took her from us far too soon.

The alphabet will always end at Y for me.  Thank you, Sue, for being a great author by sharing Kinsey with us for all these years.

Luna Lovebooks’s Favorites of 2017: 


Standout Horror: The Darkness: Giger Texas by Joe M Solomon

This novel has some seriously creepy vibes! You can definitely tell one of the author’s inspirations is Stephen King. Characters battle mother nature, what lies in the darkness and each other. That sucker punch of what the darkness really is makes this novel one scary read you don’t want to miss.
Standout Series Finale: The Silver Bullet by Josie Jaffrey
I gush about the Solis Invicti series! I don’t know what it is that draws me in but I could probably read this entire series in a day if I had no interruptions. Silver Bullet is a perfect ending to this action-packed, twist-filled, cliff-hanger loving series. I hope there will be more from this universe in the future.
Standout Female Lead:
Audrey Rose makes the list for a second year in a row. Even though she cared more about what society thought of her in this installment, and that was a bit disappointing, Audrey is still a kick ass detective and a woman ahead of her time.
This year I am adding Aya to the ranks of Standout Female. She is someone who changes the world – not the whole world but for those whose lives she touches. Her entire story is not what you would expect and it’s a story I’ve really come to cherish.

Kat Mandu’s 2017 Top Choices

Favorite New Author – Nicholas Olivo – Author of Doc Graystone: Gentleman Necromancer
This author swept me away with the adventures of his noir tales of magic and mayhem. I’m really loving Doc Graystone so far, so stay tuned for more reviews from me in 2018.
Black Valentine and White Knight return in the second installment to this superhero series. I’ve always adored Kristen Brand for her comedic touches, heartfelt stories, and caped crusading.
Favorite Request – Resistance by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky
This dystopian novel has a lot of feels for me, especially if you’re into action and intrigue. I rated it a five and am eagerly anticipating the sequel.
Favorite First Time YA Reads –
I’m not sure why I waited so long to read this trilogy but I wish I hadn’t. With dystopian themes, plenty of action, and romantic elements, the characters and plot of Legend will steal your heart, just like it did mine.

About Kat Mandu

I'm an urban fantasy and young-adult paranormal writer. I love to cook, rock out to music, and read as much as I can get my hands on. Always believe in your dreams and pursue them no matter what the cost. If you believe in it, it's worth every chance you take.

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