Kat’s Superhero Spotlight

The New Year is here!!! And I’ve got a whole bunch of books I want to read this year. So I got my organizational skills (aka OCD) into gear and made a plan that enables me to catch up and enjoy a whole year full of books.

This month’s specialty? SUPERHEROES. I mean, I’m such a huge fan of caped crusaders and vivacious villains, so I thought I’d give this genre a shout out for the whole month of January.

January’s Spotlight Features:

Almost Invincible – Kristen Brand

A theme park turns into a death-trap of sadistic supervillains…

White Knight is the most popular superhero in the country—which is bad news for David Del Toro, formerly White Knight, who retired from heroics years ago and just wants some peace and quiet. When the White Knight ride at a superhero-inspired theme park has a grand reopening, Dave is more than happy to give his complimentary tickets to his daughter and her friends and spend the day at home. But then the park gets taken hostage by supervillains.

The man known as Bloodbath spent the last decade in a maximum-security prison and blames White Knight for putting him there. He’s given an ultimatum: the hero comes to face him, or he’ll kill every tourist in the park. Dave barely managed to beat Bloodbath while in his prime and doesn’t like his chances now that he’s old and busted. But unless he does something, every innocent person in the park is going to die…including his daughter.

Almost Invincible is the third book of The White Knight & Black Valentine Series but can be read as a standalone. If you like tense thrillers with big, superpowered action, don’t wait—download Almost Invincible now!

The Astounding Antagonists – Rafael Chandler

Dr. Agon, a megalomaniacal inventor with an arsenal of lethal gadgets. Motley, a wisecracking jewel thief with nothing left to lose. Chillpill, a cryogenic drug lord who just wants a normal life.

Baelphegor, a demonic psychopath with an ugly score to settle.
They’re the most dangerous supervillains on Earth, and they’re about to pull off the perfect crime. There’s just one catch: if they succeed, they might accidentally save the world.

From the skyscrapers of Apex City to the gates of Hell itself, the Antagonists are pursued by violent superheroes and billionaire vigilantes. But as loyalties are tested and old hatreds are rekindled, the line between friend and foe begins to blur…

Superheroes In Prose, Vol 1 – Sevan Paris 

Snow is so freaking cool.

And I’m not talking about the Superhero named Snow (but he’s actually pretty cool too). No, I’m talking about snow-snow. Like the stuff people sing about at Christmas. Like the stuff Mom used to make snow cream out of. Like the stuff whitening everything in the city of Prose.

It snowed four inches last night—unusual for Prose even in winter. And downright impossible in March … yet here it is: Clumps falling off the Michael Booth Bridge, only to slowly be replaced by more;
every boring rooftop—angled or flat—covered with a cheery, white blanket of awesome; kids building leaning snowmen in front of
their apartment buildings. No school. No worries. No Supervillains. The city looks
like the coolest snow globe ever. Nothing can ruin this day.

Except for the smartass alien I’m bonded to.

I’m Gabe Garrison and this is the next part of my story …

Superheroes In Prose, Vol 2 – Sevan Paris 

A ragged, vacant breath escapes Rock’s mouth. 

The hospital bed—even reinforced for his stony one-ton body—creaks with every exhale. They’re deep and quick, like wind rushing from a cave. Specially designed tubes rest in the slits he has for a nose, feeding him … keeping at least his body alive. Wires hang from machines and chirp heartbeats.

Rock’s three-fingered hands, each one the size of a basketball, rest outside the fuzzy blue hospital blanket. The right one is held by a woman with Magickal arm tattoos. The brown Henna patterns curve and swirl up her toned arms, disappearing under the shoulders of a blue dress. It’s the Springy kind: sleeveless, light, and flowy. She wipes a hand under a glowing pink eye.

I shift my weight from one foot to the other.

“I wish …” through Ember’s lips, Pink takes a deep breath and starts over … “I wish you could have known him, Gabe. He was so … I wanna say ‘awesome.’ But that word—awesome—gets overused so much, that when you really need it—when it really, really counts—it totally sucks the umph out of whatever you’re trying to say. But I’m here to tell you, with all the fracking umph that I can, getting to know Rock … awesome is just what it was.”

She smiles a little and sniffs. “But the first time I met him, he was a great big jerk.”

She looks out the window of the hospital room. “Liberty had just finished giving me a tour of HEROES Tower, and introducing me to Silver Sentinel and Thinkor. All of a sudden, I hear … like this thunderous boom-boom-boom behind me. I turn—look up … and up, and up …”

“And then Liberty says, ‘Rock, you’re just in time to meet one of our potential recruits: Her name is Bubble Trouble.’ ”

“And Rock says, he goes—” Pink drops her voice, making it rough—“ ‘Bubble Trouble?! What kinda silly-ass name is that?’ And then that rock slide thing he calls a laugh came out of his mouth.”

She laughs and looks back to Rock.

“God, I hated him for that. But I realized—I mean, later when he just kept bringing up the name thing, I figured out that was just him. Just his way of welcoming me. Of being more than just a teammate or whatever. Of being a friend. An obnoxious, pain in the ass friend, but a friend. He showed me the ropes or slopes, or whatever you wanna call them—that’s what he showed me … how to be a Superhero. And in return, I …”

Another gurgled wind passes out of Rock’s mouth.

“I’m sorry, Rock,” she says. “I—just, God, I am so sorry.”

Pink looks at Rock a moment longer before flicking Ember’s fiery red hair my way. “Do you think he can, like, hear me?”

The question is so unexpected, and seems so … important to her, I don’t know what to say. I take a deep breath and open my mouth—

“Gabe, are you about ready to broom this female, or what?” M says.

I press my fingertips hard against my forehead as if I could somehow rub away the alien entity living inside my brain.

My name is Gabe Garrison, and this is the next volume of my story …

In The Meantime… Check Out Some of My Favorite, Great Superhero & Villain Reads:

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