Jewell by Kris Michaels

Super Geek meets Scary Assassin.  Kris Michaels releases book #8 in the Kings of Guardian.  Technology princess Jewell King will finally meet her match.

 Title: Jewell
Author:  Kris Michaels
Series:  The Kings of Guardian
Publish Date: August 22, 2017
Genre: Suspense Romance
Cover: Digitally Imagined
Source: Purchased by Reviewer
Publisher’s Description:  Obsessive. Toxic. Ice Princess. Witch. Jewell King ignored the epithets slung at her behind her back. Hell, after six, or was it seven, personal security officers asked to be reassigned rather than continue to guard her 24/7, maybe she deserved the names. She didn’t care. Good riddance. Well…the last one had kinda weaseled his way into her daily routine with his compulsive cleaning and insistence on health foods. When he left, she noticed and was…hurt. But that didn’t matter. She had no time for emotions. Handling the information and data systems for Guardian required 28 hour days and triple her current staff. On her shoulders rested the weight of defending Guardian against a brilliant hacker determined to take down all billionaire David Xavier had built and destroy her family in the process. He’d tried before. She had frustrated his first attempt by the slimmest of margins. This time he’d made it personal and he just might succeed.

Zane Reynolds waded through several weeks’ worth of empty energy drink cans, cast off candy wrappers and stale pizza boxes, and viewed Jewell’s office with a resigned sense of deja vu. He was back—against his will and despite his best efforts to stay as far away from Jewell as he could get. The fact she hated him would make Jewell a difficult assignment. He should walk away like all the others, except he couldn’t. He’d seen through the woman’s veneer and had witnessed the true kindness of the person hiding under the beautiful, yet caustic façade. This time, Zane had non-negotiable conditions before he’d agree to return as Jewell King’s personal security, and he told the CEO of Guardian as much. This time, he was doing things his way.

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel. In some cases…spoilers. *BEWARE*

Nervous Nellie says…


I love this series.  I think I may label Jewell my favorite throughout the whole series.  There is sex but not that much gore.  A couple of dead guys but not anything that would freak me out.  There is no cliffhanger and there is a happy ending.

Jewell carries the heavy load of communications and technology.  She has to be everywhere all the time.  She’s taken for granted but she is brilliant.  Not one of her brothers know what it takes to do what she does.  She has big brothers that “take care” of little Jewell because she needs protecting.  Jewell has other thoughts.  She knows how to take care of herself…well, sort of.  She can survive – how’s that?  Big brothers decide that she needs a body guard.  A nasty egomaniacal hacker is bent on revenge since she took him down in front of everyone and the Dark Web.  His rep has been torpedoed and he can stand losing.

Zane Reynolds works for Guardian Security and is assigned to Jewell.  He takes all the punishment she can deal out.  It’s not his fault that her brothers never asked her if she wanted to weigh in on her own personal security.  Zane has problems of his own.  He’s coming out of the Shadow World of Guardian Security into the light.  He’s not sure he can be normal but he can’t stay where he was.

When the hacker starts to up the ante, Jason, Jared, Jacob and Joseph decide that Zane needs to protect Jewell again.  Funny thing, the boys don’t want their baby sister involved with Zane but they put them together.  They have feelings for one another and ‘Wham!’.  Uh, duh, boys.  What’d you think was gonna happen?

This is a romance.  I have to keep telling myself that but truth be told, it’s a lot of suspense too.  The story is well written and all the computer geek language was way over my head.  I loved that Jewell was such a powerhouse and stood up to her brothers.  She had leverage and she knew how to use it!  Go, Jewell!!

Jewell stands for all of us behind the scenes folks that make the hard stuff look easy.  5 stars without a doubt.


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