En by Michelle Reynoso

He is real, He has my brother (somewhere), Enlitra is in jeopardy, and I’m the only one it seems who can solve all those things.”

I received an ARC or review copy of this book from the author/publisher. All opinions are my own.

ENTitle: En
Author: Michelle Reynoso
Series: Proposed Book One of The Girl, The Pendant, and the Portal Series
Publish Date: February 21, 2018
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Source: Provided by author

Publisher’s DescriptionHigh School senior Faith McDaniels is struggling to find a place to belong. She never knew her father. She lost her mother to cancer three months ago. Now Faith is starting a new life with her brother Eddie in the small town of Madison, but this ‘fresh start’ is more than just a move to a new town and a new high school, it’s the beginning of a series of strange events that puts her on the precipice of discovering that pendants and portals, other worlds, and energy-bending are not just ideas from a fantasy story. It is her life. A life that is about to get even more complicated when Faith discovers her own extraordinary abilities to bend and manipulate energy, a power that can be the bridge, or the barrier, to saving the world of Enlitra and her own world.

But nothing is easy or straightforward in Faith’s life, as she soon discovers her abilities are the same as the fiend who is trying to destroy both worlds. Now Faith must decide how to protect the people she loves without becoming the dark entity herself.

Possible spoilers beyond this point.

Luna Lovebooks says…Luna_Lovebooks_100

I first met Michelle through NANOWRIMO (if you are a writer and don’t know about national novel writing month you should check it out at nanowrimo.org. It is a great program for professionals and amateurs alike.) and when she finished this novel I asked if she needed reviews. En is a delightful, imaginative tale and I am so glad I asked if I could review it for her and share with all of you.

I will admit that it took me longer than it should have to read this, not because the novel didn’t interest me, but because fae life – like human life – is hectic! When I was able to pick it up I found myself flying through the chapters wanting to find out what happens next. The plot is fairly easy to follow. There are a few instances of jumping from our world to that of Enlitra, but they are not confusing jumps and if they are it is because  Faith herself is confused. This new world is truly imaginative as it is made up of energy and impossible feats can be done.

While I understand Faith’s attitude in the novel, I found it quite irksome. Her brother was just trying to look out for her but she did act as many teenagers would after a parent has passed and being transferred to a new school. I don’t know if I should admit this but I found myself rooting for Tomas instead of Paul. Yes, Tomas was a jerk to Faith in the beginning, but he apologizes and helps Faith several times. Paul just comes off as a jealous jerk at times.

This novel is a great start to a new series and I hope it takes off. I found a few minor errors that more than likely will be fixed for the final (i.e. Faith tries to change an acorn badge4v5into an apple and later when she recalls doing it the acorn has turned into a branch). I can’t wait to find the final copy and read it, and I look forward to the rest of the series as well.


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I received an ARC or review copy of this book from the author/publisher. All opinions are my own.


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