Rescuing Mary by Susan Stoker

The book we’ve all been waiting for… Finally ”Truck” and Mary’s story.  I’ve been rooting for them through this whole series, now I get to have an inside look.

Title: Rescuing Mary 
Author: Susan Stoker
Series: Delta Force Heroes
Publish Date: October 30, 2018
Genre: Military Suspense Romance
Narrator: Stella Bloom
Source: Audible

Publisher’s Description:  Ford “Truck” Laughlin and Mary Weston have weathered their share of storms over the last couple years. Truck’s job, Mary’s health. His bossiness, her bitchiness. All while dancing around their intense attraction. Mary’s tried to push him away for his own good but Truck won’t let her give up…on herself or on them. Just when she decides they deserve a fair shot, disaster strikes.

Truck has wanted Mary since the moment he saw her. The prickly woman pushes all his buttons and looks beyond his scarred exterior, something few women have managed. His plan to take their relationship to the next level is stalled when he’s injured on a mission. And he’s barely feeling like his old self again before the couple is dealt another blow, one that could permanently end their chances…and their lives.


Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel. In other words… SPOILERS. *BEWARE*

Nervous Nellie says…

This is a romance series, hot military guys, standalone story. No cliffhanger. No sex. I have not read these books in order, and it doesn’t mess up the overall arc much.  The parts that gets confusing is when one SEAL pairs up and they are mentioned in another book.  It’s also not all that confusing, really.  I just jumped over that part because who belongs to who is just the series but not necessarily ruins the story line.

I have been waiting for this story through the whole series.  Mary frustrated me over and over again, but she’s a pretty screwed up person.  Her mother really did a job on her as Mary grew up.

Mary and “Truck” are married.  That bombshell was dropped and every character was thrown for a loop.  Mary treated “Truck” so… badly isn’t the word exactly.  More like held him at arms length so “Truck” really never knew Mary’s true feelings.  This was a hard book to listen to.  I cried through most of the first chapters and then later on again.  Mary’s story is so sad and her opinion of herself is very low.  “Truck” doesn’t know what to do.  He waits and waits, but Mary isn’t warming up.  What should he do? Cut his losses and move on?

I have to tell you I loved this book.  Loved, loved, loved it.  It ripped my heart out and I could feel every stabbing emotional pain Mary had.  Mary is so lucky that she has Rayne.  Thick and thin, people.  She’s with Mary through it all…almost.  Mary is going to die (don’t worry, she doesn’t in the end) and she pushes Rayne out and convinces herself that she’s only using “Truck” for his insurance.  She loves him but can’t admit it because her mama trained her from the age of 5 that men suck.  Mary is really screwed up – but how can she not be?  She’s been through hell – all nine circles of it.  And then another circle of hell crops up.  Tragedy takes Mary out of “Truck’s” life through amnesia.  Holy cats.  How much more can they take?

It all turns out fine, don’t worry.  The story winds around up and down and then splits before coming back together to twist around again.  It was a ride that was very hard to put down.  Listened to the whole audio in 2 days.  It was amazing.

The narrator of this story is female, but she does a really good job of diversifying the characters.  I like her so much that I’ve listened to a lot of her audios.

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