The Earl and His Lady by Sally Britton

Women really got the raw end of the deal in the late 1700’s early 1800’s.  Lady Heatherton is subject to a lawsuit to steal her children only a very few months after her own husband’s death.  This is what the strong ladies do to save themselves.

Title:  The Earl and His Lady
Author:  Sally Britton
Series:  Branches of Love #4
Publish Date:  August 1, 2018
Genre: Historical Romance
Source: purchased by reviewer

Publisher’s Description:  Lady Virginia Macon, the recently widowed Baroness of Heatherton, has an impossible decision to make. Her late husband’s unscrupulous brother wants to take her sons away from her, and the British courts are on his side, unless she marries a man willing to be the boys’ guardian. Locking her heart away and devoting herself to her children is the only way Virginia can countenance such a decision.

Wearied by the world, Lucas Calvert, Earl of Annesbury, is tired of being alone. His wife’s passing, years ago, has left his outlook gray and empty. His only recourse has been to make life better for those around him, using his considerable wealth and influence. When he learns of Virginia’s plight, he knows he can save her and her sons.

Time spent in each other’s company, sharing the joys and pains of a long English summer, makes them question this marriage of convenience. Neither of them expect their hearts to be touched, for how could they hope to find love a second time?

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel. In other words …SPOILERS. *BEWARE*

Nervous Nellie says…

I haven’t read book #1 or #2 but it doesn’t really hurt the story being told.  It’s a standalone with characters from the other books making an appearance, but other than that, no hardship to follow along.

There is no sex, no swearing but it isn’t a “sweet” romance.  There aren’t any “my darlings or my loves” which always make me roll my eyes. However, I think I cried through the whole book.  That’s not to say it wasn’t good.  It was spectacular.  Author Sally Britton really knew how to tell Lady Virginia’s story.  She has a horrible predicament from her deceased husband’s money grubbing brother.  Luc, if you happened to read His Bluestocking Bride, is Marcus’s brother and the Duke of Annesbury.  After I read Marcus and Ellen’s story, I preordered this book because Luc made that much of an impression.

Back to the crying.  Her husband died.  The pain is palpable – I could feel it through the pages of the book.  The kids miss him beyond belief and their mother has to figure out what to do next.  She has flaws – she was raised somewhat spoiled.  She had everything she’d ever need but she’s no wilting flower which is a plus for me. If she were, I would have shut the book.

His wife died.  He has no children and really no motivation to find another wife.  He is a gentleman with a lot of power, which is pretty rare.  He’s also generous.  He’s no nonsense and has a tough time communicating after so many years of living alone with no one to explain his actions to.

The book is mostly about Virginia learning to live with her loss and provide for her children.  The rest is about Luc learning to love again.  It was a pretty special book.

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