Nell’s Gossip and Book Hunt 4/21/19


Welcome to my Sunday book hunt and author gossip.  Keep coming back for updates on book releases and news from favorite authors.

Wow, what perfect book reading weather.  I wanted to talk about audio books today.  I am a fan of audio books.  I borrowed cassettes from the library way back in the 90’s.  Then I started buying the cassettes, then there were CD’s.  Now, there is digital audio books.  Granted, you can still buy audio books from your local retailer, but technology finally caught up with me.  I like things simple and fast.  Carrying around a walkman or CD player, not so helpful, and don’t get me started about when the tape player ate the tape, but that is sign of the times.  Now, audio books have their own app and I can put the book from my account onto my phone and move on with life.  It’s really that easy.

I chose Audible for my audio book retailer.  The expense is somewhat steep to this penny pincher, but to be honest, it’s really worth it if, like me, I want to do multiple things at the same time.  I do yard work and listen to a book, do art, play with the dog – whatever other thing I need to do, and listen to a book.

Sometimes, listening to a book is more difficult than reading because there are nuances that a person can miss, however, if you are like Ivana, she reads the book and then listens to the book.  She is very studious when it comes to books, which, to tell you the truth, hurts my head.  I like the escape a book gives me.  Get me away from the real world stress and live in a different world for awhile.

There are different audio book services out there, so you don’t have to partake of Amazon’s Audible if you don’t want to.  Ivana uses Graphic Audio.  I have listened to their books as well, but Graphic Audio doesn’t have an immense inventory yet.  Their audio books are somewhat labor intensive, so their finished product may be more than a person would like to spend.  Their products are really good, though, I do admit.

As of a couple of months ago, I started the Audible romance package.  I didn’t really look that closely into the package details at the time I signed up, but here’s my experience:  I can listen to as many audio books I want to in a month for $6.99 per month.  However, there are only select books in this package and a person also has to belong to Audible and receive a credit every month.  Remember, too, that the romance package only covers romance.  I have found that the package includes a lot of the free Kindle Unlimited romances.  My experience also shows that the books I borrow are older.  Also, a audio book subscriber can only have 10 books borrowed from the library at a time – similar to Kindle Unlimited.

Is this a perfect package?  No, but then, nothing is ever free.  Have I gotten my $6.99 out of this deal?  Hmmm…probably.  There are a lot of discussions about how romance books don’t really count as real books because they are just a lot of sex bound up with a little story.  I would agree with that on some romances, but there are a lot of authors out there that are serious writers and not smut slingers.  Authors that go through some massive research in order to present their story as historically or procedurally accurate are who I’m after.

So, my point about the romance package is that I can listen to authors that I would not normally try just because I don’t know how they write.  If I listen to their book, don’t like it then I can put it back into the library.  It only costs me a little and I’d much rather do it that way than feel like I wasted my money.

Also, audio books are a big expense for authors – especially self publishing indie authors – to invest.  They have to find a narrator that suits their idea of the characters, pay them as well as put the book out there for the rest of the world.  When an author is getting paid pennies per book, it’s a big leap of faith.  Mostly, I think the authors do it as a thank you to their loyal readers because I highly doubt they make wads of money from them.  Writing is a tough world.  A person can’t just put their words on paper and automatically become Stephen King.

That’s also why I like to promote indie authors.  I will jump on the review bandwagon for little known authors more quickly because the household name authors really don’t need my help.  That is also another little talking point here.  If you read a book, leave a review.  You might not know it, but they do get read.  I read reviews before trying a book.  If the reviews suck, then I’ll think twice. My only advice for reading reviews is to average out the good with the bad and then make your own decision.  One person can absolutely HATE the book, but they can also be a vindictive competitive writer.  There are always those that are mean, just because they can.  Take the reviews and use them.  Just don’t take them all as gospel.  Everyone has their own opinion.

Have a good Sunday.  This is Nell Justice – see ya!


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