Demon Bewitched by Jenn Stark

Witches.  They are not nice.  They have their covens and they summon demons to play with them like a cat plays with a mouse.  Now, a witch has to marry a demon.  How’s that going to go for them?

Title:  Demon Bewitched
Author: Jenn Stark
Series: Demon Enforcers #3
Publish Date:  March 19, 2019
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source:  purchased by reviewer

Publisher’s Description:  You say witch like it’s a bad thing…

Former fallen angel, current smokin’ hot enforcer, and all-around demon most likely to get the girl, Stefan of the Syx knows women better than they know themselves. He should, because once upon a time, one of them caused his brutal damnation.

All these millennia later, however, Stefan still can’t resist a pretty smile. So when he learns his chance at redemption entails pairing up with a gorgeous redheaded spitfire, he’s ready to rock—until the other pitchfork drops. Because the bold, impulsive Cressida Frain’s not only a woman, she’s a witch. And a hookup between witches and demons is one of the few hard stops in Stefan’s book of Go.

Unfortunately, this is one offer Stefan can’t refuse. To keep her new position as high priestess for her coven, Cressida must lead her people in an ultimate showdown against evil. To help her succeed, Stefan must allow Cressida to take him, break him and bind him to her—body and soul. But neither of them are prepared for what happens next…

It’s out of the cauldron and into the fire when you’re a Demon Bewitched.

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel. In other words …SPOILERS. *BEWARE*

Nervous Nellie says…

Demon Enforcers are spread pretty thin in this world built by Jenn Stark.  They have to keep the demons in line or destroy them.  The Demon Enforcers are those that agree to become an enforcer for a chance to be redeemed.  The redemption is held in Archangel Michael’s hands and he makes them work thousands of years to get it.

The heroine in this story was stupid.  Okay, she gets a break because she’s young and has no experience, but she was played, man.  Stefan is ordered to deal with Cressida’s situation and he does his best.  The plot was fairly obvious right out of the chute, but the plot wasn’t supposed to be secret from us readers, it was supposed to be secret to the female heroine protagonist.  She fell hook, line and sinker.

There was one brief cameo from the world famous Sara Wilde, which made me all giddy.  How Stefan and Cressida made it through to the end, I have no idea.  It was all pretty touch and go.  Demons with big plans, witches with big plans and Michael with the biggest plan of them all.


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