Read-Along Special: Best Man By Kristen Brand

Kristen Brand’s novella, Best Man, takes us back in the day with some of our favorite heroes and villains from White Knight and Black Valentine’s world.

Title: Best Man
Author: Kristen Brand
Series:  The White Knight & Black Valentine #.5
Release date:  March 28, 2017

Publisher’s Description: Harris Holt has one job: to make sure his best friend’s wedding goes smoothly. But when his friend is a retired superhero marrying a former villainess, that involves more than just remembering the rings and making a good speech at the reception. Especially when a guy with a gun turns up at the wedding venue.

Now Harris has to keep a supervillain with a grudge from offing the bride and groom—and keep it quiet, or else the cops will crash the ceremony. With his own rusty superpowers and a murderous maid of honor for help, Harris needs to stop the bad guy before the happy couple gets cold feet…on their corpses.

The Best Man is an action-packed short story prequel to The White Knight and Black Valentine series. If you’re a fan of superhero fiction or action/adventure, try a sample or download now.

Kat Mandu says…

Welcome to day three of our Superhero Spotlight, which features one of my favorite series, White Knight and Black Valentine.

This time I’m focusing on the novella, which I decided to review in between the first two books and the remainder of the series. It takes us back to when Dave and Valentina were first getting married, while also introducing us to two side characters, Lady Nightmare and Supersonic. These characters are people you learn about in the first two books, so I thought it’d appropriate to review it now that we’ve had time to get to know them.

Lady Nightmare, Valentina’s sister, is mostly a villain, but working on her good side. Like Valentina, she’s got psychic prowess, but instead of just reading minds, she also has the ability to project nightmares onto their consciousness. Creepy, but cool.

Supersonic is Dave’s friend and best man at his wedding, hence the name of the title. He’s got super-speed powers and is just trying to figure out whether or not he really wants his best bud to marry someone and then have to live with that regret. It all stems from his first and failed marriage, but regardless, Harris is trying to be supportive.

On the day of Dave and Valentina’s wedding, Supersonic and Lady Nightmare team up to stop an uninvited guest from wreaking havoc and ruining Dave and Valentina’s big day. This story has laughs and drama and shows a new perspective on two new characters you’ve never seen before in the previous novels (or the ones to follow). I really enjoyed this insight and can’t wait to see if there will be similar novellas later.

Today’s special feature puts a spotlight on superhero fiction! Check out some other great reads by authors here!

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