It’s Time To Start The Dresden Files Reread!

Hello, Book Lovers!

As you have hopefully heard, the long-awaited next book in the Dresden Files series, Peace Talks, is scheduled to publish on July 14. That’s fourteen weeks away. But since there are sixteen novels in the series, that means I’m slightly late in starting my reread of the series so I remember what the heck is happening in the Dresdenverse when the new book comes out.

UPDATE: Head on over to the EW website for an exclusive excerpt from the book!

The Jim Butcher website is hosting a read-along of all the novels starting this week, so if you feel so inclined, join the Goodreads group and have some great book discussions with other fans. The Goodreads group is only focusing on the main novels, though. If you are a completist like me, you may want to read all the novels, short stories, novellas, and graphic novels. So I’ve put together a schedule for those as well. It follows the Goodreads schedule, but includes more than just the one novel a week in some cases. I’ll post the schedule below.

Also, it’s the Year of Dresden at the Jim Butcher website. Every Tuesday they’ll be dropping microfiction, new announcements, and more. So if you’re a fan, head on over, sign up for the newsletter, and let the year of goodness begin!

Dresden Reread Completist Schedule

Dates Titles
Jan 13 – 26 “A Fistful of Warlocks” – short story in Brief Cases
“Restoration of Faith” – short story in Side Jobs
 Welcome to the Jungle – graphic novel
 Storm Front
Jan 27 – Feb 9  Fool Moon
 Ghoul, Goblin – graphic novel
 “B is for Bigfoot” – short story in Brief Cases
Feb 10 – 23  Grave Peril
Feb 24 – Mar 8  Summer Knight
Mar 9 – 22  Death Masks
Mar 23 – Apr 5  “A Vignette” – short story in Side Jobs
 Blood Rites
Apr 6 – 19  Dead Beat
Apr 20 – May 3  “I Was a Teenage Bigfoot” – short story in Brief Cases
 War Cry – graphic novel
 “Something Borrowed” – short story in Side Jobs
 Proven Guilty
May 4 – 17  White Night
May 18 – 31  Down Town – graphic novel
 “It’s My Birthday Too” – short story in any Side Jobs
Wild Card – graphic novel
“Mike” – short story at
*Dog Men – graphic novel. I’m unclear exactly where this story falls in the timeline, but it’s somewhere close to here.
 “Heorot” – short story in Side Jobs
 Small Favor
June 1 – 14  “Backup” – novella in Side Jobs
 “Day Off” – short story in Side Jobs
 “The Warrior” – short story in Side Jobs
 “Curses” – short story in Brief Cases
 “AAAA Wizardry” – short story in Brief Cases
 “Last Call” – short story in Side Jobs
 Turn Coat
June 15 – 28  “Bigfoot on Campus” – short story in Brief Cases
 “Even Hand” – short story in Brief Cases
 “Love Hurts” – short story in Side Jobs
June 29 – Jul 12  “Aftermath” – short story in Side Jobs
 Ghost Story
Jul 17 – 26  “Bombshells” – short story in Brief Cases
 Cold Days
Jul 27 – Aug 9  “Cold Case” – short story in Brief Cases
 Skin Game
Aug 10 – 31  “Jury Duty” – short story in Brief Cases
 “Day One” – short story in Brief Cases
 “Zoo Day” – short story in Brief Cases
Peace Talks
“Christmas Eve” – short story at (print only) or (illustrated edition)
“Monsters” – short story in Parallel Worlds: The Heroes Within. I’m unsure where this story falls in the timeline.

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