The Dark Communion by Joey Ruff

Swyftt was a copper, a priest, a Night Hunter, a husband, a father. Now he’s just a burnt-out PI.  The only one that anyone can turn to when they encounter the other.

Title: The Dark Communion
Author:  Joey Ruff
Series: The Midnight Defenders #1
Publish Date: March 25, 2020
Source:  received from author – all opinions are my own and I did not receive this book as incentive

Publisher’s Description: When Daddy, Gramps, drunk Uncle Billy…whoever it was, looked at you when you were a little kid, blankets around your neck, trembling in bed, sure-as-shit convinced that there was something out to get you under your box-spring, in your closet, and they told you there wasn’t anything there – that monsters didn’t exist – they were lying to you.

Jono Swyftt knows this because that’s what he does. He kills things. Bad things. Nightmare things: Orcs, trolls, haunts, gnomes…the bloody Easter Bunny.

Swyftt was a copper, a priest, a Night Hunter, a husband, a father. Now he’s just a burnt-out PI with an arsenal of big-ass guns – an unrepentant foul-mouth who keeps everyone at arms length – and yet, whether your problem is a mating orgy of Cyclopes, a murderous imaginary friend, or a strip club full of horny Sirens, everyone from US Senators to Julia Roberts knows he’s the one man to call.

When a high-school student hires him to find a missing autistic boy and a catatonic billionaire runs away from a nursing home, it’s up to Swyftt, his partner, and his ward to piece together the clues and stop the nightmare that’s feeding on the city with an underground ring of serial-kidnapping bums. But that’s what Swyftt does. He’s the very last line of paranormal defense in the greater Seattle area.

And he ain’t bloody cheap.

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel. In other words …SPOILERS. *BEWARE*

Nervous Nellie says…

I would qualify this book as a horror novel. There is no sex. There is a lot of violence and some gore.  It involves missing and murdered children.  There is bad language.  It’s probably not for the faint of heart.

Right out of the chute, I’m going to tell you that I give this book 4 stars.  The premise is horrifying, but when you are looking for a dark thrill, that’s where it’ll lead ya.

Children are missing.  There are no leads for the cops and Jono wants to steer clear of the whole mess.  Why is that? Well, because it’s easier to look the other way and not see what is really there. It’s much easier to not see the child you lost in the faces that are taken…if you don’t look. He’d much rather not think about the things that are out there that could easily fit the criteria of child-nappers.  The horrid and scary things.  The monsters.  To clarify, the things that aren’t human.

Jono has an interesting life set up for himself.  He’s his deceased PI partner’s daughter’s caretaker.  He lives with a rich friend who has been cast away by his own family.  He has a paranormal PI business that is used by the rich and famous as well as those that are regular joes like you and me. He is also haunted by what creatures he’s seen and the mayhem in which these creatures create.

He knows what could be taking these children and in order to stop this…this…thing, he has to find it and put it down.  The only problem with that plan is that he needs more than himself to do it.  There is a non believer in the FBI that is trying her best to pin bad things on Jono.  Oh, and to throw the whole thing into a further uproar? Jono has the gift of Psychometry.  He touches something and can see into it’s past. He has to race time to stop the children from being taken.  He has to convince the cops to keep him out of jail.  He has to convince himself that he can really do some good.

The battle scenes are page turners.  The protagonist isn’t lovable but neither can I find fault in his actions.  He’s not exactly a hero, more like a survivor.  He does what he has to do and the job he has is worse than scary.  Very few will thank him for his work and even less will acknowledge he ever did it in the first place.

It’s a good book.   It’ll suck you in when you give it a try.

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