“Messy” Book Series Checklist

Happy Easter, fellow book readers! I hope you’re having a marvelous day whether you celebrate “Zombie Jesus” day or not. 🙂

I’m sure we all have a favorite author or two who likes to make their book series “messy.” By that, I mean the series is difficult to keep track of. There are novels, sure, but then there may be novellas and short stories published in multiple anthologies or even on their website. Sometimes these “extras” go back in time, or even forward. Sometimes authors write multiple series that are interconnected and happen concurrently. Some of my favorite authors have created graphic novel additions to their series.

If, like me, you enjoy rereading series, preferably in their entirety and in chronological order, then these series can be hard to keep track of. They are for me. So one of my quarantine projects was to make a list of all the series I think I might want to reread and all the works in the series in chronological order. That way, when I go to reread them, I have a checklist to follow so I read the complete series in the right order.

Since I know I’m not the only obsessive reader out there, I thought I’d put this checklist in your Easter basket as well as mine. Click the Download button to get the spreadsheet.

This checklist spreadsheet contains over 100 series, mostly urban fantasy, some paranormal romance, a few sci-fi and historical fantasies. Some of the series are messy and some are pretty straightforward. I gleaned the order of messy series from Goodreads, author’s websites, and author notes in various anthologies. I also included in the list whether the work was available in audiobook, since I listen to audios frequently.

Now folks, I made this spreadsheet for me, based on what I’m reading. More than likely, that one series that you just LOVE won’t be on the list. That’s okay. One reason I’m sharing this checklist is to inspire you. You can download the spreadsheet and add a tab for your own favorite series using my template. Heck, you can do anything you want with this spreadsheet (other than claim it as your own and make money off it, natch). Customize it to your heart’s content.

For me, this spreadsheet is a living document. I’ll probably find formatting that needs fixed, errors that need correcting, series that I want to add or delete, and information I decide to add later. But hopefully, sharing it with you will introduce you to a new series, clue you in to a short or novella you haven’t read, or just inspire you to make your own list. However you decide to use it, I hope it brings you some enjoyment.

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I'm an adult learning professional, a book blogger at One Book Two, and lifetime reader. I like geeky things. All opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employers, my clients, the other reviewers on this site, or this site as a whole.

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