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Why I read:  I read to escape.  Very simple. I read to see the good guys win and have the goodbadge_eighty_percent_feedback_ratio girls kick ass and take names.  Also, I don’t mind a little chivalrous romance.

There is also another reason I read: I like to get involved in promoting good books.  I love it when kids light up and tell me about a book.  I love talking to other book bloggers and making a connection. I love it when an author is excited about a new release.  I also love it when my favorite authors reach for their dream and get it.  That’s kind of sappy, but books mean that much to me and those who write them deserve the recognition of their hard work.

Favorite Genres:  My faves are urban fantasy, paranormal romance, some horror and reviews_50mystery/thrillers.  I read contemporary romance and true crime on occasion, but not very often

Reading Style: I don’t really think I have a style.  I have more of criteria.  I love snark and humor.  I dislike hero or heroine betrayals or, God forbid, death of said heroine or hero.  I love relationship building in a story.  I love alpha males in romances. I dislike cliffhangers. I like HEA’s (Happily Ever After’sAdvocate) and a good mystery. Horror is good too, except psychological – that’s too scary.

Audiobooks:  I was sucked into the audio book obsession and I have a hard time not buying both the written word and spoken word.  It adds meaning to hear a narrator create a voice for the characters.  The inflections and personalities come alive for me.  That’s if the narrator is good.  IF the narrator is bad, it kills the whole experience.

Reviews:  My reviews are based on how it made me feel.  If all I get is sadness and grief, I’ll skip thenetgalley_challenge_2016_gold book and go to work instead.  If I get a thrilling ride or a few hours that were humor filled or down right fun, I’ll tell you.  I like characters that I can relate to – ones that seem real. I love stories that take me on an adventure and never have to leave the house.  My reviews are truthful and honest.  I will let you know if I’m nervous about a book so if you happen to be like me, then you can prepare yourself.  I won’t tell you the ending, but if it’s a cliffhanger, I’ll warn you.

Authors:  If you request a review from me, be aware that I’m a reviewer who is interested in the books as well as the author behind the books. I like to write my reviews like we are sitting around a table at a coffee shop.  Grab your cup, take a load off and drop me a line – the link is up top.  I will always be honest.

Review posts: I post my reviews to Goodreads primarily. I post on Amazon when they don’t take my reviews down.  (see the Amazon scandal) I also post on Library Thing and More than Just a Review.

Nell’s Reading List – books and series in that make me all giddy and happy.





  1. I enjoyed meeting you at the library tonight. I would love for the two of you to review my book/books. I send an e-copy of Gifted Magic to you through Amazon. Do you want me to send Ivana one also? The Queen’s Tribute Book 2 is listed on discount this weekend. Thank you again.
    Kya Lind


  2. How do I request a book review from you guys?

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  3. joelshulkinmd7300

    Hi Ivana, how does an author request a book review?
    Thank you!


  4. Fred Schaefer

    I am an indieauthor and would love to request a review.


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