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T*Witches: Seeing Is Deceiving

With Karsh kidnapped, and Ileana trying to rescue him and currently out of commission, the twins are on their own – and coming face to face with their evil, manipulative Uncle Thantos.

Title: T*Witches: Seeing Is Deceiving
Author: Randi Reisfeld
Series: T*Witches, Book 3
Publish Date: December 2001
Genre: Teen Fantasy
Source: Purchased.

Publisher’s Description:


Cam’s and Alex’s powers are getting in sync, and the twins can’t help themselves. They’re reading people’s minds, using magick on the soccer field. It’s bringing them closer together. But it’s forcing Cam and her bff, Beth, apart.

When Alex sneaks out to an all-night party, she suddenly finds Beth – and herself – in terrible danger. Thantos, the evil one who wants the twins eliminated, has taken Beth hostage. Must Alex sacrifice herself to save her sister and friend?

Kat Mandu says…


This one for me just worked out a lot better than the second one. Still has all the silliness and teen lingo of that particular time, but overall, more enjoyable and easier to get with. I’m still having a hard time figuring out all that’s happening with the bigger action scenes – like when Cam and Alex confront Thantos and Fredo at the rave, then things happen and then they’re magically “safe.” It is a younger book but I’m still thrown by the convenience of it all.

Also, you know it’s a kid’s book when THE FREAKING BAD GUY IS INVITED INTO THEIR BEDROOM FOR SNACKS AND “CHAT.” My goodness, these girls are super naive. How do the parents NOT wake up is what I want to know. Whether Shane redeemed himself or not, I’d still probably not let the former Thantos lackey anywhere near me.

I do like that the teens are still trying to figure out their place in the world. Cam, who has found a true partner in twin sister Alex, is neglecting former BFF Beth a little. Then she only makes it worse by trying to help and protect her. Cam desperately wants to meet her real mother, Miranda,

Alex on the other hand, is still struggling with where she fits in with the Barnes family, especially since Emily isn’t necessarily fond of her presence. And now her skeevy dad is filing for custody of her.

All in all, I’m still fond of these characters. I like the silly, I like the serious. Throw in a bit of magic and you’ve got me. Four stars altogether.

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Dark Fire by Chris D’Lacey

The intensity of the series emerges as the Dragons cross the line from the middle-grade genre to a more serious, young adult tale. Familiar characters return to say hi again…while others leave us forever.

TitleDark Fire
Author: Chris D’Lacey
Series: The Last Dragon Chronicles, Book 5
Publish Date: April 1, 2001
Genre: YA Fantasy
Source: Purchased by the reviewer.

Publisher’s Description:

With the Earth on the brink of recolonisation by dragons, David Rain is sent on an important mission: to seek out and destroy a trace of dark fire, the deadliest force in the universe. But with success could come a terrible price, the sacrifice of a beloved clay dragon. How much does the life of one small dragon count?

Luna Lovebooks says…


Unfortunately this review is going to be short and to the point. There isn’t much to say about this book that hasn’t previously been stated. This series has become increasingly young adult and less middle grade. I am not sure how I feel about this as what first drew me to the series years ago was the cute whimsy of the Pennykettle dragons and the shenanigans of Wayward Crescent.  There are several (often violent) deaths in this installment that I honestly did not see coming. The cliff hanger ending is killer, but also confusing as events happen very fast. The characters are still well written, even if the author pulled a kill everyone move. We shall see how this pans out in the next two books of the series.

Over all I give this one 4 fire tears.

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I’d suggest other dragon reads – Eragon by Christopher Paolini, How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell, Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.

The Fire Eternal by Chris D’Lacey

Fire. Snow. Darklings!

Title: The Fire Eternal
Author: Chris D’Lacey
Series: The Last Dragon Chronicles
Publish Date: September 6, 2007
Genre: MG Fantasy
Source: Purchased by the reviewer

Publisher’s Description:

A new magic is stirring beneath the surface of the Earth….

Five years have passed since David Rain, now a bestselling author, disappeared mysteriously in the Arctic. And slowly the ice is changing, bears are starving, dragons are rising, the souls of the Inuit dead are haunting the skies. The spirit Gaia, goddess of the Earth, is restless, aching to bring down her might upon these changes. But all living things may suffer if she does.

As the weather grows wilder and the ice caps melt, all eyes turn from the north to David’s daughter, Alexa. She is the key to stopping Gaia…but can one girl save the world from the forces of evil, or will she disappear like her father?

Luna Lovebooks says…


Fire Eternal takes place five years after the events in Fire Star. Lucy is the only one who still believes that David is alive and enlists the help of a journalist to get the investigation rolling.  The events at Wayward Crescent are intermixed with expeditions of polar bears in the Artic. The introduction of modern IT dragons made the Crescent scenes/chapters loveable. But I was drawn in by the polar bears and the legends of the north.

This series has been cutesy and, for the most part, care free up until this installment. Here we get into slightly heavier material. We go from a cute middle grade read about dragons into a more adult science-fiction war novel. I feel the introduction of the IX and the time traveling elements will go over the heads of its target audience. I struggled trying to understand some of it and I am an adult!

I do have to say that Gwilliana has become my favorite bad/good guy. She is evil, but she is always doing things that contradict that. There were some surprising twists that I did not see coming!

I feel I have to give this novel 4 scales. 

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I’d suggest other dragon reads – Eragon by Christopher Paolini, How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell, Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.

Chief by Kris Michaels

Quiet, handsome, deadly.  That’s our Chief.  Come along on an undercover op that revolves around a sex trade ring and a sexy Russian that Chief can’t get enough of.

I received an ARC or review copy of this book from the author/publisher. All opinions are my own.

AuthorKris Michaels
SeriesThe Kings of Guardian #7
Publish Date: May 30, 2017
Genre: Military/Security Alpha Romance
Source: Recieved for honest review

Publisher’s Description:

Cloaked in the identity of David Xavier, a billionaire player in multiple world theaters, Mike White Cloud worked to enter the Russian Mafia’s lair, by stalking a shadowy creature named “The Concierge.” The Russian woman brokered young innocents into slavery, and Mike meant to destroy her and the organization she worked for. He should have despised her for the atrocious crimes she facilitated, but too often love and hate are the flip sides of the same coin, and what Mike felt for Taty was not hate. It didn’t matter. He’d destroy the Bravata and all its associates–even if it meant part of his soul sat in prison for the rest of her life.

Driven by heartbreak, Tatyana Petrov joined the elite British M16 unit, and for eight years, wormed her way into the trust of the Bravata as she strove to identify the human filth selling those innocents to billionaires like David Xavier. She’d found it easy to loathe the wealthy men who bought her “toys”–until David. For reasons that she wouldn’t acknowledge, she wanted to protect this one man from the retribution rapidly approaching.

Neither knew the other’s true mission but even as mortal adversaries, they’d each given the other a part of their soul, and now only devastation and sorrow waited.

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel. In other words…spoilers.  *BEWARE*


Nervous Nellie says..

This is a military alpha romance bordering on erotica romance with violence, kidnapping and sex slave trade flavor.  Both hero and heroine are good guys trying to stop the slave trade, so no worries there.  The book could be read as a stand alone if push come to shove, but it’s so much better with all the other books leading up to this point.  There isn’t a cliffhanger per se…but the ending did give me a hook to tune in to the next in the series.

I love Kris Michael’s work.  The whole series up to this point is fantastic.  I enjoy romances that involve a whole family like this one.  I also like the reaccuring characters so it feels like I’m in the middle of all the action.

This book wasn’t as good as some of the others, however, it was still very good.  I know everyone has their favorites and I tend to compare all the books in the series to the one I enjoyed the most.  With that being said, Chief was a good story.  The reason it doesn’t live up to my fave is probably the lack of emotion during the story I felt.  Maybe it was the story arc of sex slave trade or Tatyana herself, I don’t know.  That’s not to say I didn’t need tissues at the end, because I did.  I know it’s hard to put a whole year of preparation for a secret op into the book, but I felt the backstory was a little light.  That’s just my opinion, though.

Throughout the book, there was peeks into Tatyana and her life before, so that was good.  I have to be sure that the woman was good enough for Chief (not that I could do anything about it, of course).  I mentioned that I needed tissues at the end.  It wasn’t sad, so don’t freak out.  Sometimes the ends of these books tend to spark an emotional release from the real world’s events – that’s one reason why I read them.

I really did like this book and I can’t wait for the next one.  I know I’ll be sad when all the family is hooked up and the series ends, but Kris Michaels is one of those writers that I know has several good stories percolating in her brain, so it’ll be ok.

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I received an ARC or review copy of this book from the author/publisher. All opinions are my own.

Firestar by Chris D’Lacey

Things begin to heat up in the third installment of the Last Dragon Chronicles.

Title: Firestar
Author: Chris D’Lacey
Series: The Last Dragon Chronicles 
Publish Date: March 2007
Genre: MG Fantasy
Source: Purchased.

Publisher’s Description:

There is a fire star coming, signaling a time of new beginnings. A time for dragons to rise again…

A research trip to the Arctic and a contract for a new book – life can’t get much better for David Rain. But as soon as David finds himself in the icy climes, he begins to write his legend of bears, dragons, and the mmysterious fire star. Soon he realizes that his tale is starting to mirror real life, and that an old enemy is on her way to meet him.

Can David thwart her terrible master plan? Or will his world be destroyed forever?

Luna Lovebooks says…

Likes: Readers get to travel all over the world from the comfort of their favorite reading chair in this novel. We go from the Artic to Scrubbly to Northern Scotland and back all within 400 some odd pages. But the best element of this series is the characters. Yes, David can be a bit immature at times, but the interaction between the humans and dragons and bears is amazing. I also found it a little amusing that in the belief system of this novel God is essentially a female dragon named Godith. I also didn’t see the tragedy that befalls one of the main characters coming!

Dislikes: There is a huge dry spell in the middle of the book but it is worth it to muddle through it. Some of the elements like alternate dimensions may be difficult for younger readers to understand.

I give this installment 4 flames due to the dry spell. 


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I’d suggest other dragon reads – Eragon by Christopher Paolini, How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell, Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.