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Nell’s Gossip and Book Hunt 4/21/19


Welcome to my Sunday book hunt and author gossip.  Keep coming back for updates on book releases and news from favorite authors.

Wow, what perfect book reading weather.  I wanted to talk about audio books today.  I am a fan of audio books.  I borrowed cassettes from the library way back in the 90’s.  Then I started buying the cassettes, then there were CD’s.  Now, there is digital audio books.  Granted, you can still buy audio books from your local retailer, but technology finally caught up with me.  I like things simple and fast.  Carrying around a walkman or CD player, not so helpful, and don’t get me started about when the tape player ate the tape, but that is sign of the times.  Now, audio books have their own app and I can put the book from my account onto my phone and move on with life.  It’s really that easy.

I chose Audible for my audio book retailer.  The expense is somewhat steep to this penny pincher, but to be honest, it’s really worth it if, like me, I want to do multiple things at the same time.  I do yard work and listen to a book, do art, play with the dog – whatever other thing I need to do, and listen to a book.

Sometimes, listening to a book is more difficult than reading because there are nuances that a person can miss, however, if you are like Ivana, she reads the book and then listens to the book.  She is very studious when it comes to books, which, to tell you the truth, hurts my head.  I like the escape a book gives me.  Get me away from the real world stress and live in a different world for awhile.

There are different audio book services out there, so you don’t have to partake of Amazon’s Audible if you don’t want to.  Ivana uses Graphic Audio.  I have listened to their books as well, but Graphic Audio doesn’t have an immense inventory yet.  Their audio books are somewhat labor intensive, so their finished product may be more than a person would like to spend.  Their products are really good, though, I do admit.

As of a couple of months ago, I started the Audible romance package.  I didn’t really look that closely into the package details at the time I signed up, but here’s my experience:  I can listen to as many audio books I want to in a month for $6.99 per month.  However, there are only select books in this package and a person also has to belong to Audible and receive a credit every month.  Remember, too, that the romance package only covers romance.  I have found that the package includes a lot of the free Kindle Unlimited romances.  My experience also shows that the books I borrow are older.  Also, a audio book subscriber can only have 10 books borrowed from the library at a time – similar to Kindle Unlimited.

Is this a perfect package?  No, but then, nothing is ever free.  Have I gotten my $6.99 out of this deal?  Hmmm…probably.  There are a lot of discussions about how romance books don’t really count as real books because they are just a lot of sex bound up with a little story.  I would agree with that on some romances, but there are a lot of authors out there that are serious writers and not smut slingers.  Authors that go through some massive research in order to present their story as historically or procedurally accurate are who I’m after.

So, my point about the romance package is that I can listen to authors that I would not normally try just because I don’t know how they write.  If I listen to their book, don’t like it then I can put it back into the library.  It only costs me a little and I’d much rather do it that way than feel like I wasted my money.

Also, audio books are a big expense for authors – especially self publishing indie authors – to invest.  They have to find a narrator that suits their idea of the characters, pay them as well as put the book out there for the rest of the world.  When an author is getting paid pennies per book, it’s a big leap of faith.  Mostly, I think the authors do it as a thank you to their loyal readers because I highly doubt they make wads of money from them.  Writing is a tough world.  A person can’t just put their words on paper and automatically become Stephen King.

That’s also why I like to promote indie authors.  I will jump on the review bandwagon for little known authors more quickly because the household name authors really don’t need my help.  That is also another little talking point here.  If you read a book, leave a review.  You might not know it, but they do get read.  I read reviews before trying a book.  If the reviews suck, then I’ll think twice. My only advice for reading reviews is to average out the good with the bad and then make your own decision.  One person can absolutely HATE the book, but they can also be a vindictive competitive writer.  There are always those that are mean, just because they can.  Take the reviews and use them.  Just don’t take them all as gospel.  Everyone has their own opinion.

Have a good Sunday.  This is Nell Justice – see ya!


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Nell’s Gossip and Book Hunt 4/7/2019


Welcome to my Sunday book hunt and author gossip.  Keep coming back for updates on book releases and news from favorite authors.

Back with new releases again… they keep writin’ them, we keep readin’ them.

Again, stumbling around on the great www and found this new to me author.  Check out this book of hers…

Title Confessions of the Underworld Boater
Author: Jade Karrion
Release date: April 1, 2019
Description: Losing my job wasn’t the problem…
Being recalled was.

No one believes in the Greek gods anymore, which leaves me with nothing to do at the banks of the river Styx.

Boredom isn’t an excuse for bad judgment, but I should have known better than to hang out in Fort Lauderdale.

The nightclub owned by my elder brother Thanatos—Death—is the hottest destination on the beach, until mortals inexplicably sicken and die—

—and show up at the Styx.

The displaced mortals are the first pawns in the long-overdue war between the gods of Olympus and the offspring of the Titans—the children of Nyx, my siblings and me.

My name is Charon, and my only power as the ferryman is to travel any path between Point A and Point B.

Unfortunately, that power isn’t going to be enough to escape—or avert—the apocalypse headed my way…


Author: Teresa Gabelman
Series: The Protectors #13
Release date:  April 27, 2019
Description: After having his life shattered by the woman who held his heart, Viktor Valentino put work before everything. Many years later, learning the truth behind his lover’s deceit, his anger shifts to the man responsible for not only her betrayal but her gruesome death. Viktor throws himself into finding him to not only appease his rage but to possibly save humanity.

Lacey Cruz has always wanted to be a writer, but she’s never had the chance to pursue her passion. After being fired from a company she was employed with since graduating high school, she now has plenty of time on her hands.

Lover of all things paranormal, Lacey sets out to do research in hopes that special something will fall in her lap. Something does in the guise of a powerful vampire warrior. What Lacey doesn’t realize is she may be the heroine in her own real-life novel.


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Nell’s Gossip and Book Hunt 3/31/19


Welcome to my Sunday book hunt and author gossip.  Keep coming back for updates on book releases and news from favorite authors.

Back with new releases again… they keep writin’ them, we keep readin’ them.

  • Ok, now this is just mean.  Amy Braun posted this on instagram and it’s a massive tease.

Title:  Hunt of the Gods
Author: Amy Braun
Series:  Areios Brothers #2
Release: June 4, 2019
Description: Power always demands a price.

Two months have passed since Derek Areios—war-scion and heir of Ares—and the band of rogue scions he’s aligned with recovered both the Thunderbolt of Zeus and the Heart of the Devourer and returned them to the Gods. During the battle, Derek discovered he could control not only the element of fire, as all war-scions can, but also the dark element “aether,” making him the only scion alive to wield two types of elemental magic.

Commanded by Zeus to retrieve the Trinity Weapons and the Shards of Cronus, Derek and the rogue scions are thwarted in their goal by a gang of water-scions with a grudge against one of the rogues—Thea, heir of Poseidon. Both groups travel to an uninhabited island to recover one of the Shards––the Eye that belonged to Cronus, King of the Titans. But what they encounter will lead them down a path of brutal betrayals, hard truths, painful memories, and desperate actions.

With angry and impatient gods breathing down his neck, a curse that allows Ares to control him, a prophecy he’s desperate to avoid, a magic spear corrupting his thoughts, and two forms of elemental magic, Derek has a lot of baggage—and a lot of power. Will the price of using that power to satisfy the Gods be too much for him to pay?

Mythological monsters, explosive magic, and devastating truths take center stage in the second novel of the action-packed AREIOS BROTHERS series from Amy Braun. 

  • This book is one that ambushed me when I least expected it.  It crept up and blindsided me with it’s cover. It’s from a very new author who is also a gamer, so…I’ll let you know.  Stay tuned.  Review will be coming.

TitleNecropolis PD
Author: Nathan Sumsion
Release date:  April 2, 2019
Description: How do you solve a murder in the city of the dead?

Jacob Green was just an average college student. But three months ago, he ran through the wrong door and found himself trapped in the city of Meridian – a literal necropolis, concealed from the modern world, made up of forgotten places and populated entirely by the dead.

As the only living, breathing resident, Jake has struggled to scrape out an existence while waiting for the Necropolis Police Department to decide his fate, and it’s not looking good. But when an unusual string of crimes hits the city, Jake’s overseer and tormentor, NPD Detective Marsh offers him a deal: Jake’s life in exchange for helping them solve the worst series of crimes in the necropolis’ history.

Someone, or some thing is killing the dead, and if Jake can’t figure out who’s responsible, he could be next.

Necropolis PD is a hidden world fantasy that combines mystery, horror, magic, and more than a little humor. This book is perfect for the living and recently-departed alike.

  • Now, this next book is from an author we all know and love.  Craig Schaefer is one of those authors that can weave words into gold.  The cover is gorgeous and I think this will be a new book that is a big hit.

TitleGhosts of Gotham
AuthorCraig Schaefer
Release date: April 9, 2019
Description: Irresistibly drawn to mysteries, if only to debunk them, reporter Lionel Page exposes supernatural frauds, swindlers, and charlatans. His latest case is an obsession—at least for an ancient and wealthy heiress: verify the authenticity of a lost Edgar Allan Poe manuscript circulating through New York City’s literary underworld. But the shrewd Regina Dunkle offers more than money. It’s a pact. Fulfill her request, and Lionel’s own notorious buried past, one he’s been running from since he was a child, will remain hidden.

As Lionel’s quest begins, so do the warnings. And where rare books go, murder follows. It’s only when Lionel meets enigmatic stranger Madison Hannah, his personal usher into the city’s secret history, that he realizes he’s being guided by a force more powerful than logic…and that he isn’t just following a story. He is the story.

Now that the true purpose of his mission is revealing itself in the most terrifying ways, it may finally be time for Lionel to believe in the unbelievable.

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Connections in Death by J.D. Robb

Roarke’s new addition to his business family loses her brother to drug overdose…or was it?

Title: Connections in Death
Author: J.D. Robb
Series: In Death #48
Publish Date: February 5, 2019
Genre: Fantasy, romance
Source: reviewer purchased
Publisher’s Description:In this gritty and gripping new audiobook in the number-one New York Times best-selling series, Eve Dallas fights to save the innocent – and serve justice to the guilty – on the streets of New York.

Homicide cop Eve Dallas and her billionaire husband, Roarke, are building a brand-new school and youth shelter. They know that the hard life can lead kids toward dangerous crossroads – and with this new project, they hope to nudge a few more of them onto the right path. For expert help, they hire child psychologist Dr. Rochelle Pickering – whose own brother pulled himself out of a spiral of addiction and crime with Rochelle’s support.

Lyle is living with Rochelle while he gets his life together, and he’s thrilled to hear about his sister’s new job offer. But within hours, triumph is followed by tragedy. Returning from a celebratory dinner with her boyfriend, she finds Lyle dead with a syringe in his lap, and Eve’s investigation confirms that this wasn’t just another OD. After all his work to get clean, Lyle’s been pumped full of poison – and a neighbor with a peephole reports seeing a scruffy, pink-haired girl fleeing the scene.
Now, Eve and Roarke must venture into the gang territory where Lyle used to run and the ugly underground world of tattoo parlors and strip joints where everyone has taken a wrong turn somewhere. They both believe in giving people a second chance. Maybe even a third or fourth. But as far as they’re concerned, whoever gave the order on Lyle Pickering’s murder has run out of chances….

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel. In some cases…spoilers. *BEWARE*

Nervous Nellie says…

Crack makes an appearance in this book.  I love Crack – and now he has a love too.  Roarke’s new child psychologist is the sister to a man that is finally got his life straight.  He’s happy, healthy and back in the folds of his family.  So…why did he OD?

This was a good story but it lacked some of the pizzazz as some of the other In Death books.  It seemed a simple feat for Eve to take down two gangs and get confessions from them all.  It felt like the book was non stop action, and it was good action, but it felt a little too straight line.  Not many twists and turns.  Like I said, it was a good book, but not as mysterious as some of the others.

Our reviews in this series…


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Nell’s Gossip and Book Hunt 3/24/19


Welcome to my Sunday book hunt and author gossip.  Keep coming back for updates on book releases and news from favorite authors.

Back with new releases again… they keep writin’ them, we keep readin’ them.

  • L.D. Rose is releasing the next in the Order of the Senary series.  The cover looks delicious and if the last two books are any indication, this one will be amazing as well.

Title Vermillion Lies
Author L.D. Rose
Series: Order of the Senary #3
Release date: April 17, 2019
Description: Wherever Dax Knight sets foot, hell is bound to freeze over.

As a mercenary for the Order of the Senary, Dax departs for New England to assist his comrades in battling the vampire forces threatening to consume the Northeast. The last thing he expects to find is a gorgeous vampiress who surrenders to him entirely. Ensnared by her allure, their intense attraction ignites, and he discovers she isn’t what she seems.

Cindel Konstantinov has been on the run since she escaped her sire’s possession, trading one life of abuse and imprisonment for another. As her hope for freedom wanes, she encounters one of the infamous Knights, and his dangerous appeal is undeniable. After a life-altering moment of mercy, they careen down a path of secrets, lies, and a forbidden passion neither of them can resist. But when her past comes back to haunt them, they’ll have to face the consequences of their actions—and their desires.

Dax and Cindel will need each other more than ever as their world spirals into chaos. But are they strong enough to survive the oncoming storm?

TitleDemon Bewitched
Author: Jenn Stark 
Series: Demon Enforcers #3
Release date: March 18, 2019
DescriptionYou say witch like it’s a bad thing…

Former fallen angel, current smokin’ hot enforcer, and all-around demon most likely to get the girl, Stefan of the Syx knows women better than they know themselves. He should, because once upon a time, one of them caused his brutal damnation.

All these millennia later, however, Stefan still can’t resist a pretty smile. So when he learns his chance at redemption entails pairing up with a gorgeous redheaded spitfire, he’s ready to rock—until the other pitchfork drops. Because the bold, impulsive Cressida Frain’s not only a woman, she’s a witch. And a hookup between witches and demons is one of the few hard stops in Stefan’s book of Go.

Unfortunately, this is one offer Stefan can’t refuse. To keep her new position as high priestess for her coven, Cressida must lead her people in an ultimate showdown against evil. To help her succeed, Stefan must allow Cressida to take him, break him and bind him to her—body and soul. But neither of them are prepared for what happens next…

It’s out of the cauldron and into the fire when you’re a Demon Bewitched.


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