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Netgalley BadgeAgent Annie is NOT taking review requests at this time.

I am a former Independent bookstore owner who created a “30 books in 30 minutes” presentation for book clubs, libraries, and avid reader groups. I specialize in short reviews that focus on plot, theme and discussion topics. I primarily read mystery/thriller, who-done-its and sci-fi/fantasy. I love stories in any format and will listen to an audiobook as quickly as I would read a paper or digital version.

I prefer books that make you think, don’t have a predictable ending and tend to have some aspect that is outside the current norm. I am very loyal to series once I am hooked on the main characters and the world. Some of the books I’ve enjoyed in the past are the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear, The Dragon Riders of Pern by Anne & Todd McCaffrey and The Sherlockian Graham Moore. I will also read ANYTHING by Stephen King. As a matter of fact, I wrote a graduate-level paper on the leadership styles in The Stand.

Fickle_Fiona_200Fickle Fiona

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Fickle Fiona is NOT taking review requests at this time.

I read for entertainment and to escape from the real world. I enjoy feeling a connection to the characters and want good character development in my stories. I like lots of different genres (thus, Fickle Fiona). I want to stay current with what’s popular with kids so I can recommend books that will help kids develop a lifelong interest in reading.

Some of my past favorites are The Dresden Files, Harry Potter, Mercy Thompson, Georgina Kincade, White Trash Zombie, Odd Thomas, The Uglies, The Vampire Diaries, and some books by Lowis Lowry, Sophie Kinsella, Heather Graham, and Iris Johansen.  I’m also a big audiobook fan.

Kat_Mandu_200Kat Mandu

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A muse can be found everywhere, and for me, that was always reading. I’m a fantasy author across all genres, from middle-grade adventure to sexy paranormal romance. I get my inspiration from the authors I love, reading and reviewing urban fantasy, young adult fantasy/dystopians, and sci-fi. Someday I’m hoping to go back to school so that I can be a literary agent but right now I’m a chef and foodie!

Request Wish List – I WILL BE TAKING A BREAK FROM August 1 2019 to January 2020 TO CATCH UP ON REQUESTS. If you have sent me a request in my inbox and I haven’t responded, I may still be interested but haven’t had a chance to get through my long list yet. However, if I can’t get to your book in a reasonable time, I usually buy it if I’m interested and then review it at a later time. Thank you for your patience.

  1. Superheroes!!
  2. Male narrators with spunk, blood-lust, humorous perviness, and your average goofballs, no matter what age
  3. Science-nerds (any genders) think Big Bang Theory, Sherlock Holmes, or Artemis Fowl
  4. I’d love to get a clone story in my inbox like Orphan Black
  5. I find it hard to say no to necromancers, so long as they’re not cliche; my favorite Necromancer stories have been found through requests, so why not give it a go if you have one?
  6. A romance story that’s not BDSM and/or physically/mentally abusive – my favorite romance authors are Tara Janzen and Sherry Thomas
  7. Vampires akin to Kim Harrison or Jocelynn Drake style, something unique
  8. A great historical fantasy in the vein of D.B. Jackson, Libba Bray, Anne Blankman or a great WW2/American Revolution fantasy
  9. Fairy tale re-tellings that haven’t been overdone – IE Marissa Meyer, CJ Redwine, Lexa Hillyer
  10. I LOVE high fantasy so long as the world building is great and the exposition is not dropped in the beginning
  11. I do like zombies but I’d like a fresh take over the standard Walking Dead idea (think Susan Dennard & Jonathan Maberry & Issac Marion, that’s what I want!)
  12. Rich dystopian/utopian worlds that feel real (aka Divergent & Legend & The Hollows)
  13. I’ll take a great comical fantasy any day, something unusual and quirky (for real, someone write me a Sorority Boys book fantasy style, I’d probably die);
  14. I’m also OPEN TO COOKBOOKS (Are cookbooks considered speculative fiction? No, but I like them, so if you have them, please send them to me, I’m hungry) and on that note, anything with food and fiction mixed, I’d probably be interested.

Authors I Love – JK Rowling, CJ Redwine (YA), Marie Lu (YA), Marissa Meyer (YA), Kevin Hearne (UF), Melissa Grey (YA), Rob Thurman (UF), Kim Harrison, Tara Janzen (RO), Leigh Bardugo (YA)

I’ve had small works published by Word Haus and CC&D magazine. You can also find my old writer profile on – though my writing style has improved since those days thank goodness.

LunaLovesBooks2 Luna Lovebooks

Email goodreads

When I’m not busy doing my fairy things – and sometimes even *while* I do my fairy things – I love to pick up a book! I always seem to pick up a book belonging to a series without even trying; I usually have to find the whole series before I read any of it.

Books are magic portals that take you to other worlds where you meet fantastic people and go on crazy adventures, all from the comfort of your favorite garden chair. One day I hope to have a portal of my very own and transport my readers to faraway lands!

I love the truly magical books—the books that stay with you long after you put it back on the shelf, the books that change you (for better or worse), the books that appear magically in your life at the exactly right time. Of course that could just be the work of people like me 😉

A few of my favorite books are the works by Cassandra Clare, The Long Walk by Stephen King, and Full Tilt by Neil Shusterman.

Percy_Procrastinator_200Percy Procrastinator


Percy Procrastinator is NOT taking review requests at this time.

I’ve always been a reader; except lately.  I keep putting off starting a new book, but I want to get back into reading.

I tend to read more speculative fiction, so sci-fi and fantasy but have read a lot of thriller type books, such as Clancy, Berry, Crichton, and Grisham.  I was surprised I liked the Betsy the Vampire Queen series, even though it’s listed as paranormal romance, because I liked the characters and the urban fantasy aspects to it.

I do want a book that has a definite conclusion to the main story as well as the secondary story.  I don’t need it all wrapped up, nor do I need to be led by the nose; but, I do want to have a strong sense of what the author intended to happen next in the story, even if there is no next book.  For me, it’s the author’s job to show me what they intended, rather than leave something unclear about what would come next.

Ruby_Lee_square 200Ruby Lee and Lucyfer

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NetGalleyBadgeNepotism … I’m pretty sure that’s how I got this gig as the newest blogger/book reviewer for One Book Two. My name is Ruby Lee and I’m related to Nervous Nellie (I promise many more stories to come). I have always loved reading because it is my escape, and I will read almost anything. Lately, I have been getting into nonfiction, which surprised the heck out of me. This summer may turn out to be my nonfiction summer. I am also into many types of romance, horror, and sci-fi with an occasional mystery or two. I promise that I will keep you on your toes because my reading preferences are all over the map.

I feel I’m a tough reviewer. I rarely give a Five on any story because a Five would have to be a book combination of The Stand meets Charlotte’s Web which in turn marries Dante’s Inferno and has an affair with Where the Sidewalk Ends. I think that if a story travels with you for the rest of your life, it should have a special distinction to set it apart.

I also have a partner that will do reviews with me. To be honest, she is half partner and half furry overlord. Her name is Princess Lucyfer, Mistress of Mayhem and Mystery (seriously, that is what is embossed on her business cards). She was such a sweet-looking little white kitten with two grey smudge marks on her forehead, until I found out those grey streaks were actually little devil horns (wait until you read how we met).

I will report on the books we find and read.  Follow us on twitter @rubylee5151 or send us an email at

Vagabond_Vahn_200Vagabond Vahn

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WellnessBadgeVagabond Vahn is NOT taking review requests at this time.

Reading – it is a thing that I do. They call me the Vagabond because I never stay in one genre too long. I wander, a vagrant of pages. Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Political Intrigue; Thriller, Fantasy, Mystery – no genre is a permanent home. I stay a time and offer what I can – a male point of view, then continue on my way to the next novel that finds itself in my hands.

A rating of Three from me suggests a strong, solid book that I do indeed recommend. A novel that earns a Four is one I devour and am left needing more. The Five reviews will be few and far between, as they retain a special place in my travels.

The_Phantom_200The Phantom

Every once in a while, a review will anonymously get slipped under the office door at One Book Two headquarters.  We don’t know who writes them, so we call him or her “The Phantom.”   The Phantom reviews all genres; but, since we don’t know who The Phantom is, he or she can’t really get our review recommendations or requests.

  1. 10/18/19

    Looking for a reviewer for my novel, “Enemy Self”.

    New adult, dark fantasy, psychological thriller.

    The high school bully switches bodies with her victim. The victim must live life as the bully, in the bully’s perspective, searching for a way to reverse the switch.

    Thank you for your time & consideration,

    Suzanne Kovitz


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