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Due to a conflict of interest with editing, Ivana is no longer a reviewer on One Book Two.

Why I read:  I read fiction to escape my own world; so, I don’t want to read about “real” things.  I read non-fiction to learn and be inspired.

Favorite Genres:  For the last several years, I’ve read mostly Urban Fantasy and other things supernatural.  I also love Historical Fiction and Historical Fantasy.  As opposed to Nervous Nellie, I’m not a big fan of the romance genre, even if it’s paranormal.  I don’t mind romance or even sex in my books, within reason; but, if that’s the only focus of the book, I won’t stay interested. I’m not much interested in erotica or chick lit.  I’ve mostly avoided Young Adult and New Adult as well, reasoning that I have enough on my TBR pile now without starting on those.  In my books, I want mystery, adventure, challenge, some humor, a lot of karmic smackdown, and the occasional bloody justice.

Reading Style: I love books that go deep into characters and worlds.  I really want to know the characters, to be able to invest emotionally in them and their challenges.  I like learning about cultures, so understanding the world is important to me as well.  I think this is why I love long series and the first person perspective so much.  Books that focus mostly on the action without getting deeper into the character or the world leave me feeling unsatisfied, even if the story is good.  Reading a book, especially rereading a book, should feel like visiting with beloved old friends.

Audiobooks:  I also love audiobooks when the narrators are good.  I think reading a book and listening to it are two very different experiences and work on different areas of the brain.  Some narrators do such an amazing job (e.g. Jim Dale with the Harry Potter series, Emily Grey with the Parasol Protectorate series, Lorelei King with the Charley Davidson series) that the experience just shouldn’t be missed.

Reviews:  My book reviews aren’t based on literary merit or skillful use of language. My reviews are based on my own thoughts and feelings about a book, what I like in a story, and how much I feel invested in the characters and the world. You might agree with me or you might not; that’s okay. Everybody is looking for something different when they read.

Amazon:  I am an Amazon whore.  I’ve sold my soul to convenience so most of my links will go to Amazon, Audible or Goodreads.  I’m not so much promoting them as linking to where I find my books.  Find your books anywhere you like.

Ivana’s Reading List – stories I like.

Urban, Dark, or Contemporary Fantasy

Historical Fiction

Science Fiction


Professional ReaderChallenge Participant 80% Reviews Published 25 Book Reviews

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