At One Book Two, we know ratings are subjective. Often a book Ivana loves, Nell hates, and vice versa. We know we’re not reviewing on the literary merits of a book, but rather on personal preference. To help you understand our rating scale, we’ve tried to put descriptors around the standard 5 point scale to give you some idea of what each number means to us.


5 — Great.  This is a great book, and I highly recommend it. It’s in my top tier of books. It’s likely I’ll reread it at some point.


4 — Good.  This is a good book. I may or may not re-read it, but I’ll probably keep an eye on this author.


3 — Okay.  This book is okay. I didn’t hate it, but it didn’t blow me over, either. I doubt I’ll reread it and it wouldn’t be my first recommendation, but if you like the genre, you might like it.

2 — Meh.  There are better books out there. I can’t recommend it all that highly. I guess if you think the description sounds good, go for it. It’s not my cup of tea.


1 — No.  Really, don’t waste your time. There is some significant work that needs to go into this book before it’s really ready for the public.

  1. Would you be interested in reviewing either or both books from my Ezra James mystery series? They follow a bipolar FBI agent, an African priest, and a latina city detective, all solving mysteries in the Chicago area.


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