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Hello readers!

So we all know that reading is a way of life, not just something we do. Readers like to be entertained and we loooove dishing about our favorite books to other readers. We especially love geeking out with other fans who understand just why the characters decided to do this or that…

Which is why we love read alongs! The idea is simple. People who love books coming together to read as a group. It’s like a book club!

How It Works

The Read-Along schedule is below (though we reserve the right to make changes). If you’d like to participate in a read-along, join the Goodreads group for the Read-Along. The more people we have, the more fans we can get chatting it up!

Rules (Very Easy)

1. Read-Alongs are meant to be fun, so if you begin a new series and end up not liking it, no sweat! You don’t have to finish the series or the book. I’ll like you for trying regardless. 🙂

2. Some series are longer than others and will require deadlines on when to finish. Yes, there’s a start date and yes, there’s an end date. But for things to run smoothly with longer series, sometimes a week is all you’ll have to read it. I understand things come up once in a while and I will do my best to regulate the flow. But if we agree to one week or two weeks, it’s best if we stick to that so the read along doesn’t just wander along and drift away. Before each read-along, I will ask what works best for people.

3. There will be polls, discussions, and time to share for everyone – SO NO TROLLS. I doubt we’ll have issues honestly, but be nice, people! Everyone has their own opinions and we all like to express them.

4. Be careful about spoilers. Once I get a status update from all participants and it turns out everyone is finished, I’ll open it up for discussion and spoilers. Until then, watch what you post. Some people read at different paces and although we’ll be sticking to deadlines, others might not be on chapter something-something with THAT SPECTACULAR SCENE.

Easy enough, right? Check out the list below and let me know if you’re interested. I like fan girls AND fan boys, so bring on the giddy.

Current Read-Along:

None on the schedule at this time.

Future Read-Alongs:

Want to suggest a read-along? Feel free to message Kat Mandu with any ideas. 

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