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Morrigan’s Bite by Laura Bickle

Title:  Morrigan’s Bite
Author:  Laura Bickle
Series:  Crow’s Curse #2
Publish Date: October 23, 2020
Source: purchased by reviewer 
blisher’s Description:Becoming a vampire was the worst thing to ever happen to Garnet Conners. But does she have to become a monster, too?

Garnet had a beautiful life…and it was stolen from her when she was turned into a vampire against her will. Once a successful trauma surgeon with good friends, she now finds herself hiding out in the basement of a coven house governed by hostile witches. Struggling with her vampiric urges, she despairs of ever returning to her former life.

Garnet’s discovered that she’s an incarnation of the legendary Morrigan. She dreams in blood, of the Morrigan’s other bloodthirsty incarnations over the centuries. Garnet’s dreams reveal her previous existence as Erzebet Bathory, and Garnet fears becoming that monster once again.

With the help of the witches, she attempts to learn to use her magical powers to control her vampiric nature…an experiment that ends in disaster. When her sister and friend go missing, Garnet knows she’s being hunted by vampires who will stop at nothing to bring her back into their fold.

Merrel, the vampire who turned her, offers her a bargain. He will return the abducted women, but Garnet must agree to spend three nights with him, training as a vampire. Garnet reluctantly accepts, but she fears giving in to her vampire nature and becoming the killer of the previous lifetime she’s reliving in her dreams.

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel. In other words …SPOILERS. *BEWARE*

Nervous Nellie says…

What can I say?  Middle books of trilogies are always full of action. There is so much going on and the characters all have to stay alive until the last story is told.  Garnet is not happy.  She did not want to be a vampire.  Now that she is a vampire, she want’s to get rid of the whole schtick.  She wants to go back to being the best surgeon she can be and to live her live with her brown hair and no fangs or cravings for blood.

Since she’s unable to go back to the way things were before, she has to figure out what to do.  The vampires and witches are fighting a war.  They used to be allies, but the turbulence of the past centuries have done series damage.  Throughout this book, Garnet has to try and figure out who she is and what she is.  She has no help from Merrell or Sorin.  One is with the vampires and one is with the witches.  Both want Garnet for the power she wields.  Maybe they want more, but from where I’m sitting at this point, they want the power.

The Morrigan is a powerful goddess and she is the only one that can stop the war.  How she’s going to do that, is what I’m looking forward to in the last book of the trilogy.

There isn’t really any cliffhangers on the books, just lead ins to the next in the series.  There is blood (lots) and even gore (I didn’t flinch when the vampires are ripping on humans, but I couldn’t read the parts when the vampires feed on animals.)  So, just a heads up, there is one part in this book that is explicit with an animal.  Just skip a few lines, it’ll be ok.  There is no sex but there is violence.  Mostly, this book is about Garnet trying to find the world she belongs in.  I give it 5 stars.

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NEW RELEASE TODAY!! Morrigan’s Bite by Laura Bickle

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Title:  Morrigan’s Bite
Author: Laura Bickle
Series: Crow’s Curse #2
Release date: October 23, 2020
Description:  Garnet Conners has the blood of the legendary Morrigan, and there’s no wrath like that of an angry goddess. Turned into a vampire against her will, Garnet takes sides with the witches in a war against the vampires…and there will be blood.


Morrigan’s Blood by Laura Bickle

Garnet has the blood of the legendary Morrigan – and legions of vampires and witches will go to war to possess that power.

Title:  Morrigan’s Blood
Author: Laura Bickle
Series: Crow’s Curse #1
Release date: September 25, 2020
Description: Garnet has the blood of the legendary Morrigan – and legions of vampires and witches will go to war to possess that power.

As a trauma surgeon, Garnet Conners has seen more than her fair share of blood. But when one of her patients walks off the operating table and disappears into the night, she finds herself caught in a war between legions of vampires and witches in her city.

Garnet has dreamed of bloody battlefields for years – and a mysterious lover who controls a kingdom. In her waking life, Garnet is shocked to meet that man in a club. Merrel knows her from another life, a life in which she was the legendary Morrigan, goddess of death and war.

Garnet rejects the notion of magical incarnations altogether. But she falls in with Sorin, a handsome warlock who’s determined to protect the former bootlegger city of Riverpointe from a secret society of vampires. Haunted by crows and faced with undeniable proof of magic, Garnet scrambles to protect her career and loved ones from magical violence.

Abducted by vampires who seek to turn her into a vampire against her will, can Garnet seize the power of the legendary Morrigan to forge her own path in her embattled city? Or will she be forced to serve as a fearsome weapon in a deadly nocturnal war?


Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel. In other words …SPOILERS. *BEWARE*

Nervous Nellie says…

Wow!  This is going to be a primo series.  This book has a lot of start up – world developing stuff going on, however, it’s not boring stuff.  Author Bickle does an excellent job of developing the character that is Garnet Connors.  She’s a normal everyday trauma surgeon (not that that is normal or everyday) minding her own business.  She’s noticed crows her whole life and many of them have given her gifts.  Not valuable gifts, just things that are shiny that the crows would like.

Then BAM!!!  Garnet enters the world of the supernatural.  Without warning, some scary stuff goes down.  Attention gets brought unto her and now she’s noticed.  Dang!

Garnet is as bewildered as any of us would be when greeted with this weird stuff.  The only thing different is that she gets clues.  She has dreams.

To be honest, I really thought I was super smart and had it all figured out about where the story was going.  By the end, I closed the book (or shut my kindle off – because, well, closing a book is more final, ya know?) with a “WHOA!”  I did not see that coming.

This did have a mild cliffhanger, but I wasn’t overly bothered by it so it wasn’t dramatic.  It did allude to sex, there was swearing, there was violent death.  It was incredible!  Morrigan’s Bite comes out October 23, 2020.  I am stoked!  I give Morrigan’s Blood a 5.

Oh, and a side note to the author – THANKS FOR THE CAMEO OF SPARKY!!  Love him!!



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