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Nell’s Gossip and Book Hunt 8/16/2020


Welcome to my Sunday book hunt and author gossip.  Keep coming back for updates on book releases and news from favorite authors.

Hope this finds everyone well out there in the book reading world.  I have not yet started a new book, but I did finish one.  I bought Faith Hunter’s Spells for the Dead starring Nell Ingram.  OMG.  That was really good.  The mystery was one that seemed like it came to a dead end over and over, but Unit 18 kept digging and in an epic showdown (of course) nailed the perpetrator.  I didn’t really mean to give a pre review of the review, but there you have it.


My baby cat is growing.  She’s in the stage where everything she touches becomes a toy.  She only slows down when she sleeps.  She’s lanky and strong which is unbelievable considering she was nearly dead when I found her. Other than that, she’s a little stinker.  Of course, here’s a picture.




On to the portion of the program that you actually came here to see.   Kris Michaels is up to her magic again and will release this book within a few days.  Yummy, does this look good!!  I liked the description so much that I pre-ordered it twice.  Luckily my book service keeps track and told me – “Hey, you already ordered that, you dope!”  Aren’t computers great?

Author:  Kris Michaels
Series:  Guardian Security Shadow World #5
Release date:  August 25, 2020
DescriptionIn the dark world of a Guardian Shadow, an axiom exists: “Don’t. Get. Caught.”

His code name was Tempest, and his enemy caught him.

Stratus did unspeakable things to him until, out of his mind, he prayed for death—but he’d never broken faith with his brothers. God, how he wished they knew that. He had not compromised them. He’d told Stratus nothing. Cast aside as useless, left to starve or die of his injuries, his broken body lay in a bare cell, forgotten, and Tempest knew his prayer for the end would be answered shortly.

Until her. She made him want to live—if only to help her escape.

Not all devils are male. The worst are female. Pilar had lived with one every day of her life—a woman who made a mockery of the word “mother.” When the woman couldn’t manipulate or intimidate her into doing as she wished, she threw Pilar into a cell with a man—or what was left of a man—admonishing her to, “see what happens to people who don’t give me what I want.” At the sight of his broken body, a fierce desire to provide solace and comfort trumped any sort of fear her mother thought to provoke—and an unshakeable bond was formed. As laughable as it seemed at the time, they each vowed to help the other escape.

His fellow Shadow rescued Tempest. Pilar knew he’d return for her if he lived. For thirty-three months, twelve days, five hours, and forty-three minutes, she faithfully monitored a hidden dropbox for his message. She almost missed it, and then she doubted her eyes.

“I’m coming for you.”


I found this book by accident.  Right now it’s free under Kindle Unlimited.  I’m thinking I might check out the audio book.  Of course, I’ll listen to the sample first.

TitleLegally Undead
Author: Margo Bond Collins
SeriesVampirearchy #1
Release date:  May 27, 2014
DescriptionA reluctant vampire hunter, stalking New York City as only a scorned bride can.

Elle Dupree has her life all figured out: first a wedding, then her Ph.D., then swank faculty parties where she’ll serve wine and cheese and introduce people to her husband the lawyer.

But those plans disintegrate when she walks in on a vampire sucking the blood from her fiancé, Greg. Horrified, she screams and runs—not away from the vampire, but toward it, brandishing a wooden letter opener.

As she slams the improvised stake into the vampire’s heart, a team of black-clad men bursts into the apartment. Turning to face them, Elle realizes Greg’s body is gone—and her perfect life falls apart.



(Disclaimer: One Book Two nor does their reviewer receive any credits or reimbursements from Amazon, Audible or the author for this announcement.)

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