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Spotlight on Invisible Heroes by Jerry Borrowman

Book Spotlight on Invisible Heroes, a nonfiction book published by Shadow Mountain Publishing.

I’m not one who actively reads non fiction books.  This one caught my eye because it spotlights real life heroes from World War II.  There are tons more heroes out there that have not had there stories captured in print, but here are a few that have been put to paper.

Title: Invisible Heroes of World War II:  True Stories that Should Never be Forgotten
Author: Jerry Borrowman
Release Date: May 7, 2019
Description:  This unique collection documents twelve fascinating and largely untold stories of minorities, women, and Native Americans who supported the Allied cause in World War II. Courageously serving as soldiers, spies, POWs, builders, medics, and movie stars, they fought for the cause of freedom and democracy against the combined threat of the Nazis and Axis powers.

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