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NEW RELEASE TODAY!! Battle Ground by Jim Butcher

One Book Two has some news on a fantastic new release!! You gotta take a minute and check this out!

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TitleBattle Ground
AuthorJim Butcher
SeriesThe Dresden Files #17
Release date:  September 29. 2020
Description: THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET SERIOUS FOR HARRY DRESDEN, CHICAGO’S ONLY PROFESSIONAL WIZARD, in the next entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling Dresden Files.

Harry has faced terrible odds before. He has a long history of fighting enemies above his weight class. The Red Court of vampires. The fallen angels of the Order of the Blackened Denarius. The Outsiders.

But this time it’s different. A being more powerful and dangerous on an order of magnitude beyond what the world has seen in a millennium is coming. And she’s bringing an army. The Last Titan has declared war on the city of Chicago, and has come to subjugate humanity, obliterating any who stand in her way.

Harry’s mission is simple but impossible: Save the city by killing a Titan. And the attempt will change Harry’s life, Chicago, and the mortal world forever. 

(Disclaimer: One Book Two nor does their reviewer receive any credits or reimbursements from Amazon, Audible or the author for this announcement.)

NEW RELEASE TODAY!! Peace Talks by Jim Butcher

One Book Two has some news on a fantastic new release!! You gotta take a minute and check this out!

book news

TitlePeace Talks
AuthorJim Butcher
SeriesThe Dresden Files #16
Release date:  July 16. 2020
Description: Harry Dresden is back and ready for action, in the new entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling Dresden Files series. When the Supernatural nations of the world meet up to negotiate an end to ongoing hostilities, Harry Dresden, Chicago’s only professional wizard, joins the White Council’s security team to make sure the talks stay civil. But can he succeed, when dark political manipulations threaten the very existence of Chicago–and all he holds dear?


(Disclaimer: One Book Two nor does their reviewer receive any credits or reimbursements from Amazon, Audible or the author for this announcement.)

Listen Up! Waiting For Peace Talks – The Dresden Files ReRead

So, remember a few weeks ago when I posted the official Jim Butcher schedule for re-reading the Dresden Files novels plus all the short works in preparation for Peace Talks and now Battle Ground this summer and fall? That schedule has us reading one of fifteen novels each week plus all the shorter works that fall in chronological order between them, between January and August.

Yeah… Percy and I finished the entire re-read before March was over. All the novels. All the novellas and shorts. All the graphic novels that are unique stories.

We couldn’t help it! The series is SO good that neither one of us wanted to slow down!

brief casesThanks to Side Jobs and Brief Cases, just about all of the novellas and shorts are in audiobook format, so if I could find a short work in audio, I listened to it. Since this was hardly my first read of any of the works and not the only body of work I know James Marsters from, I’m probably as intimately familiar with Marsters’s voice as I am my husband’s. Fandom is a weird one-way intimate relationship, isn’t it? Marsters does such an excellent job as Harry and all the other characters that when some of the shorts in Brief Cases aren’t read by him, I get cranky. The ones read by others are told from a POV other than Harry’s, so I understand the logic. But Marsters has established the voices for every character so well that I just can’t help feeling a bit of dissonance.

Percy (my husband) and I don’t often read the same books at the same time, so even though he raced ahead of me (he read in ebook), it was quite fun to talk about the story and our observations as we made our way through the series.

So often, our conversations centered on what a thug Harry was being. Far too often, he is exactly the kind of arrogant, dangerous wizard the world thinks all wizards are. He resorts to force or threats before he tries diplomacy, and he thinks he alone must save the world because no one else really cares. And so often, even when you know he should know better, he tries to protect people by keeping them in the dark, which never seems to work out well.

SideJobsThough it can be easy to argue with his methods, it’s harder to argue with his morals. He does mean well, which the reader knows because we’re inside his head, but his experience and perspective are narrow compared to many of the other wizards he interacts with. The wizards with more life experience are more familiar with “unintended consequences” of rash actions and factor that into their decision making, whereas Harry is more likely to see the morality of the here-and-now and want to do something, anything, to fix it.

Being very familiar with the story by now, we found a couple of places where a character just spits out the answer, or at least a hint, to a question we as readers have been asking for a while. But it seems like a throw-away line because Harry never reacts to it, and as new readers, it’s hard to recognize the significance of it. But as familiar readers, it’s like a lightning bolt of understanding. X-files did something similar; on a rewatch, you realize you got all the answers you needed in the very first episode. So now I’m even more interested to see if and how those answers get to Harry in the upcoming books.

It’s been hard waiting for Peace Talks. We have our pre-orders ready and are chomping at the bit. But I know the wait will be worth it.

It’s Time To Start The Dresden Files Reread!

Hello, Book Lovers!

As you have hopefully heard, the long-awaited next book in the Dresden Files series, Peace Talks, is scheduled to publish on July 14. That’s fourteen weeks away. But since there are sixteen novels in the series, that means I’m slightly late in starting my reread of the series so I remember what the heck is happening in the Dresdenverse when the new book comes out.

UPDATE: Head on over to the EW website for an exclusive excerpt from the book!

The Jim Butcher website is hosting a read-along of all the novels starting this week, so if you feel so inclined, join the Goodreads group and have some great book discussions with other fans. The Goodreads group is only focusing on the main novels, though. If you are a completist like me, you may want to read all the novels, short stories, novellas, and graphic novels. So I’ve put together a schedule for those as well. It follows the Goodreads schedule, but includes more than just the one novel a week in some cases. I’ll post the schedule below.

Also, it’s the Year of Dresden at the Jim Butcher website. Every Tuesday they’ll be dropping microfiction, new announcements, and more. So if you’re a fan, head on over, sign up for the newsletter, and let the year of goodness begin!

Dresden Reread Completist Schedule

Dates Titles
Jan 13 – 26 “A Fistful of Warlocks” – short story in Brief Cases
“Restoration of Faith” – short story in Side Jobs
 Welcome to the Jungle – graphic novel
 Storm Front
Jan 27 – Feb 9  Fool Moon
 Ghoul, Goblin – graphic novel
 “B is for Bigfoot” – short story in Brief Cases
Feb 10 – 23  Grave Peril
Feb 24 – Mar 8  Summer Knight
Mar 9 – 22  Death Masks
Mar 23 – Apr 5  “A Vignette” – short story in Side Jobs
 Blood Rites
Apr 6 – 19  Dead Beat
Apr 20 – May 3  “I Was a Teenage Bigfoot” – short story in Brief Cases
 War Cry – graphic novel
 “Something Borrowed” – short story in Side Jobs
 Proven Guilty
May 4 – 17  White Night
May 18 – 31  Down Town – graphic novel
 “It’s My Birthday Too” – short story in any Side Jobs
Wild Card – graphic novel
“Mike” – short story at
*Dog Men – graphic novel. I’m unclear exactly where this story falls in the timeline, but it’s somewhere close to here.
 “Heorot” – short story in Side Jobs
 Small Favor
June 1 – 14  “Backup” – novella in Side Jobs
 “Day Off” – short story in Side Jobs
 “The Warrior” – short story in Side Jobs
 “Curses” – short story in Brief Cases
 “AAAA Wizardry” – short story in Brief Cases
 “Last Call” – short story in Side Jobs
 Turn Coat
June 15 – 28  “Bigfoot on Campus” – short story in Brief Cases
 “Even Hand” – short story in Brief Cases
 “Love Hurts” – short story in Side Jobs
June 29 – Jul 12  “Aftermath” – short story in Side Jobs
 Ghost Story
Jul 17 – 26  “Bombshells” – short story in Brief Cases
 Cold Days
Jul 27 – Aug 9  “Cold Case” – short story in Brief Cases
 Skin Game
Aug 10 – 31  “Jury Duty” – short story in Brief Cases
 “Day One” – short story in Brief Cases
 “Zoo Day” – short story in Brief Cases
Peace Talks
“Christmas Eve” – short story at (print only) or (illustrated edition)
“Monsters” – short story in Parallel Worlds: The Heroes Within. I’m unsure where this story falls in the timeline.

Nell’s Gossip and Book Hunt 1/20/19

Welcome to my Sunday book hunt and author gossip.  Keep coming back for updates on book releases and news from favorite authors.

I got gossip!!  You know I’m not one to go around spreading rumors.  I’m really not the gossipy kind.  I’m not one to repeat gossip, so you’d better listen close the first time!

  • Sherrilyn Kenyon.  You know her, right?  She’s the famous author of the Dark Hunters novels and Dream Hunter and Were Hunter among others..

I have read her books, but I’ve not reviewed him here because they are more of a private guilty pleasure of mine.  Anyway, did you hear that she is going through her own nightmare that is so scary that it would make an excellent novel but worse in real life.

Her husband and his assistant have been spending the last few years POISONING her!  Can you believe it!

Quote from NBC news:

A best-selling author known for the “Dark-Hunter” fantasy novel series is claiming in a lawsuit that her husband, who has filed for divorce, and his assistant worked to sabotage her business and poison her over a period of years.

Sherrilyn Kenyon filed the lawsuit against her husband, Lawrence Kenyon, and two others on Jan. 7 in Circuit Court of Williamson County, Tennessee. It seeks damages not in excess of $20 million, according to the lawsuit.

Crazy, greedy people.


  • Next up is some gossip on the Jim Butcher front.  I read his short Dresden story on Christmas Eve.  A little treat for us fans.  Find it here:

TitleChristmas Eve
Author: Jim Butcher
SeriesThe Dresden Files
Release date:  December 24, 2018

So, we’ve been wondering about Peace Talks.  Harry’s #16th adventure novel.  Well, here’s the skinny:  we all have crap happen to us.  I was out with a broken leg that took forever to get over and then my husband’s cancer was diagnosed.  Life tends to wring the very life out of a person, am I right?  Well, Author Butcher had a lot of crap that happened to him.  It’s no wonder that his next book, Peace Talks #16 in The Dresden Files series, is so far only written to chapter #36.  It’s possible it won’t be ready for a couple of years, but that’s just a rumor.  You have to admit that Jim Butcher writes awesome books and they are worth the wait.   Here’s what has been said about what’s been going on in Jim Butcher’s world.


  • Next on the list, which is really more a release news than gossip, is that Circle of the Moon by Faith Hunter will drop on February 26, 2019.  After the ending of the last book, Flame in the Dark, I wasn’t sure Nell was going to come back for awhile.  She had it pretty rough in that book.  Check out the review here.

TitleCircle of the Moon
AuthorFaith Hunter
SeriesSoulwood #4
Release date:  February 26, 2019
Description: Nell can draw magic from the land around her, and lately she’s been using it to help the Psy-Law Enforcement Division, which solves paranormal crimes. Joining the team at PsyLED has allowed her to learn more about her powers and the world she always shunned–and to find true friends.

Head agent Rick LaFleur shifts into a panther when the moon calls him, but this time, something has gone wrong. Rick calls Nell from a riverbank–he’s naked, with no memory of how he came to be there, and there’s a dead black cat, sacrificed in a witch circle and killed by black magic, lying next to him.

Then more animals turn up dead, and team rushes to investigate. A blood-witch is out to kill. But when it seems as if their leader is involved in the crime, the bonds that hold the team together could shatter at any moment.


That’s all for this week, folks!


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