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SEAL Love’s Legacy by Sharon Hamilton

Rather read about hunky SEALs that have a little more experience on them?  Does a little salt and pepper in his hair make you swoon?  Check out this series.

Title: SEAL Love’s Legacy
Author: Sharon Hamilton
Series:  Silver Seals #1
Publish Date:  February 5, 2019
Genre:  Military Romance
Source:  purchased by reviewer

Publisher’s Description:  A thrilling race against time haunted by loss and love from the past.

Former SEAL Commander Garrett Tierney must stop a crazed cult leader planning a Doomsday event, targeting the President’s family. He leads a new DHS multi-agency task force, Bravo Foxtrot (Bone Frog), created to take on threats to the homeland.

The future of this task force is on his shoulders, as he dusts off the cobwebs of his retirement. Commander Tierney is tasked to work with a civilian—a young woman who is the daughter of his best friend, a fallen Teammate who died in his arms.

As their chemistry grows to explosive proportions so does the evil cult leader’s devilish plans. Will Tierney have to sacrifice himself to save his new love and the honor and lives of the men and women on his new team?

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel. In other words …SPOILERS. *BEWARE*

Nervous Nellie says…

The President’s daughter has disappeared.  The school teacher is the best bet in finding her.  Two people who haven’t seen each other since a tragic death of his best friend and her dad.  School teacher meet SEAL.

Some military romances have more sex and less story, but this book had a good story too.  A story about busy political parents not always having time for their daughter.  A story about how easy a daughter can be lured away from her family and used.  The story starts out regular paced but as soon as the operation commences, the adventure begins.  It was a page turner, for sure.

Garrett heads up the retrieval team and Mimi is the school teacher that knows the President’s daughter best.  Garrett doesn’t recognize Mimi because she was 13 when he saw her last.  She has had a crush on him for ages.  Now, she gets to make those fantasies come true.

The most embarrassing moment:  Garrett and Mimi get it on while she’s wearing a wire that the rest of the team can hear.  Yikes.

There is sex, there is violence and there is a bad guy with a bunch of mercenaries guarding good people who got sucked in.

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