The Whisper King by Wil Radcliffe

Okay, stoke up the campfire because this is one of those stories!

25529658Title: The Whisper King
Author: Wil Radcliffe
Publish Date:  July 17, 2015
Genre:  Dark Fantasy/Horror
Source: Author
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Publisher’s Description: My name is David Kinder. And this is my story… every goddamn bloodstained word of it.

About 25 years ago when I was six my parents died in a car crash. I was bounced around a few state homes until they finally settled me at Meripitt Hill, an orphanage just outside of Lansing, Michigan. It was there that the shadows started visiting me. Not normal shadows. These shadows moved on their own accord, and whispered strange, alien things to me. Scared the piss out of me.

Wasn’t until Donna Elizondo moved to Meripitt Hill that my life started to actually become bearable. She became my best friend. Taught me to love music and to dance. That kept the shadows away. That kept me safe.

That year we were an epic story of two. We danced. We laughed. Hell, I suspect I was falling in love with her, if kids could really know what love is.

But then she was taken away from me. Adopted.

That’s when the shadows returned for me. That’s when they took me to the Shadow Mountains to serve the Whisper King.

For years I learned how to fight. How to kill. I even learned how to transform myself into a Cuthach…a monster. There were thousands of us being trained there. Thousands of us learning to reach deep inside and unleash the monsters in our guts.

When a spot opened in the Whisper King’s elite guard, the Silent Heart, I was chosen to fill it. But first I had to take one final test. A test that would determine once and for all if I was destined to be man or monster.

Nervous Nellie’s nervousness necessitates knowledge of the novel (in other words, SPOILERS!)

Nervous_Nellie_100Nervous Nellie says…

You remember when we were kids sitting around the campfire telling each other scary stories to see who would run for mom or dad first?  This story is one of those stories.  It’s told first person by David himself.  David swears every other word, but really, it fits.  He’s just that kind of character.  The story starts out when he was young and in an orphanage.  The shadows speak to David because the Whisper King wants him.

The Whisper King is a fright.  He steals boys and trains them to fight.  And kill.  Well…..HE doesn’t train them, he has minions that do.  A whole LOT of minions.  David joins in because he’s young and has nothing to lose.  The Whisper King is a father figure, eh, kind of.  A very cruel father figure.  It’s incredible the trials David goes through.  He makes friends – the kind of friends that stick with him through the crap storm that is his life.

badge4v4There is a hierarchy and David fights his way to the top.  He is this close to being second-in-command to the Whisper King when David gets his final test.

This is an incredible story.

Stand Out Award Badge2Other reviews…

If you like this book…

…well, I don’t tend to choose books this dark, so I’m not sure what to recommend.  Probably something like Stephen King, Dean Koontz, or Clive Barker.

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