Nell’s Gossip and Book Hunt 9/20/20


Welcome to my Sunday book hunt and author gossip.  Keep coming back for updates on book releases and news from favorite authors.

Update on the Schatzi:  Still a crazy little cat.  It’s hard to believe the first pictures of this poor sickly little critter is really the same cat as the one that is running roughshod over my house.  I mean, seriously?  Why does every thing that I set down HAVE to be knocked off on the floor?  How come does all my food require an attempt at taste testing?  And snuggles?  Oh, hell, no.  Ain’t got time for that!!  Needless to say, I enjoy him immensely.


Back with new releases again… they keep writin’ them, we keep readin’ them.

Do you remember the Virgin River stories?  No? Well, let me remind you…

I read the whole series except for the last one, because…you know…you read the last one and then it’s truly over.  Yes, yes, I know.  That’s a neurotic way of looking at it, but that’s how my ‘hamster on a wheel, circus in my head’ works.  Anyway, Robin Carr, author of the Virgin River series is releasing another addition to the Virgin River series.  I love long lasting series because they feel like family.  Everyone cares, which in this day in age is hard to come by.  This new book will be released next month and I was hoping to re-read all the prior books, but that might be an aspiration that meets with the hard truth of reality.  Meaning, it isn’t gonna happen – at least not by next month.  Anyway, here’s the new release scheduled for drop on October 13, 2020.

Title:  Return to Virgin River
Author: Robin Carr
Series:  Virgin River #19
Release date:  October 13, 2020
Description: Kaylee Sloan’s home in Southern California is full of wonderful memories of the woman who raised her. But the memories are prolonging her grief over her mother’s recent death. A successful author, Kaylee hoped she could pour herself into her work. Instead she has terrible writer’s block and a looming deadline.

Determined to escape distractions and avoid the holiday season, Kaylee borrows a cabin in Virgin River. She knows the isolation will help her writing, and as she drives north through the mountains and the majestic redwoods, she immediately feels inspired. Until she arrives at a building that has just gone up in flames. Devastated, she heads to Jack’s Bar to plan her next steps. The local watering hole is the heart of the town, and once she crosses the threshold, she’s surprised to be embraced by people who are more than willing to help a friend–or a stranger–in need.

Kaylee’s world is expanding in ways she never dreamed possible. And when she rescues a kitten followed by a dog with a litter of puppies, she finds her heart opening up to the animals who need her. And then there’s the dog trainer who knows exactly how to help her. As the holidays approach, Kaylee’s dread turns to wonder. Because there’s no better place to spend Christmas than Virgin River.



(Disclaimer: One Book Two nor does their reviewer receive any credits or reimbursements from Amazon, Audible or the author for this announcement.)

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